“You are straightforward, down-to-earth, and you make astrology fun.

You are not only mega talented but you are able to translate the stars in a grounded manner – you make astrology accessible (and cool!). I love my forecast and am using it to work my career like a balla!”

Theresa Reed

Esme 2.jpg

“Your energy is infectious, and I loved how thorough you were.

Receiving a full document from you, beautifully laid out with lots of information (and perfect for me to make notes on and mark up), was my dream reading. It was so generous of you to answer my questions afterward, and to make recommendations about ways that I could study it myself.

I’d recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a whip-smart, upbeat, and deeply caring modern-day mystic. Amelia knows her stuff. Not only that, but she puts an enormous level of care into her work.”

– Esmé Wang


“After the reading, I felt empowered, strong, and in control of my destiny!

You have a down-to-earth practical approach to astrology that I really love. You make an esoteric topic understandable to people that have no prior knowledge of astrology. I’ve known from a few other astrologers that my work was very linked to change and transformation, but I never knew the WHY. You explained the WHY, which I deeply appreciate!”

Hilary Parry

“Your personality is wonderful and it shines in all the readings you have done for me! Your voice is strong, caring and honest – which makes me feel at ease knowing that your readings come from a true place of love.

After the reading, I felt like a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders... Now, I feel like I can conquer anything and I have you to thank! A big time THANK YOU to you!!”

–Katzi Roman


“During our session, I was able to connect the dots and have some big 'aha!' moments regarding my past and current situations.

I also loved verifying alot of feelings and events. You confirmed that I need to be in a healing practice of some sort and work with people and that’s exactly what I was contemplating and am now working towards doing. You are charismatic, sweet and fun. After the reading, I felt great, happy and more interested in astrology than ever. ”

– Leah Simeon

“I loved the reading you gave me. It was short but concise and written in a language that was empowering. Gentle yet firm. Afterwards, I felt happy and reassured.

You’re one of the best in combining astrology and tarot together.”

-Niki Torres

I felt really connected with you throughout the entire reading. After the reading, I felt inspired, motivated, ready to take on the world!

I'd recommend your to anyone looking for some spiritual guidance or clarity. I see you as a mystical expert and you're fun to work with. Your heart is really in it and your passion shows!

-Bianca Filoteo

“I wanted a second opinion and some clarity regarding a confusing Neptune transit. After the reading, I felt clearer! Your reading served as validation for my own internal intuitive sense about my professional calling. You know how to ground the elusive and ethereal elements of astrology into a language people can understand and relate to.”

-Danielle Brennan


“What do you get when you combine astrology, tarot, and rock ‘n roll? The coolest tarot person on the planet: Amelia Quint. I’ve been digging Amelia’s hip and super smart take on astrology and tarot at The Midheaven for a while… In my humble opinion, I think Amelia Quint is one of the most promising rising stars in the mystical and sacred arts. This is one to definitely keep your peepers trained on.”

-Theresa Reed


“Amelia Quint is an amazing astrologer who knows the stars like I know my trusted Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. She is also super nice, approachable, and able to bring all the astro talk down to earth in a very hands on and practical manner–and she does it all with style! ”

-Briana Saussy


“Amelia is a lady whose energy I liked instantly, with no real explanation why. I quickly grew to love her take on life. Spirituality is what you make out of it – and the modern spiritual woman doesn’t have to be new age or woo-woo to pull lessons from mythology into her life, to create sacred time and space for herself, or even to claim her own power.”

Kristen Jett


“Amelia – she is great. She is like your super sweet sorority sister who stops by your room to cheer you up but instead of Cosmopolitan, she brings you the stars. She makes it practical and crystal clear.”

Shelby Converse