The Cult of Elegance: Virgo Full Moon 2014

If you ask me, Virgo gets a bad rap.

Critical. Nit-picky. Demanding. These are just a few of the words that get tossed around when Virgo comes up. And, yes, there's some truth in them. But what motivates the perfectionism?

Virgo is obsessed with elegance. It's devoted to refining everything in life—their habits, their tastes, their relationships—for maximum efficiency. At their core, Virgos are high priests or priestesses, constantly tending the altar of simplicity.

As the Virgo moon reaches fullness this afternoon, consider what parts of your life could benefit from more elegance.

What habits, practices, and day-to-day routines need an upgrade? This is the perfect time to tend to the details. Think of it as spring cleaning for the soul.

Good beams from Saturn in Scorpio support some major purging, whether physical or spiritual. Since Saturn is retrograde, you'll likely feel pulled to look inward to see what needs releasing, especially with respect to career and responsibility. Whatever work you're doing, make it simpler. Let go of the clutter and make space for the new birth of spring.

Dark Moon Lilith in Cancer is also sending positive vibes to this full moon. With the rage goddess in the house of deep healing, ask yourself: has your drive for perfection overshadowed your need for self-care? This full moon is your opportunity to tend to the details of your body. Getting a massage or a mani-pedi can be a spiritual act now.

With the Virgo full moon just a few days before the Spring Equinox, it's time to slough off the old so that the fresh buds can come through. Focus on making your life as efficient a possible, so your dreams can flower and bloom!

This moon is great for: releasing, self-care, spiritual cleansing. Bri Saussy's post So Fresh and So Clean! How to Spiritually Clean Yourself, Home, or Car is full of rituals that are practically made for the Virgo full moon!

Happy Spring Equinox, and cosmic love! XO