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9 Things to Do When the Moon is Void of Course

Astrologers make lot of noise when it comes to the moon void of course. They spin cautionary tales and warn that anything we do during this time is doomed to fail. I must admit I've fallen prey to it too, putting all the moon voids into my Google Calendar to avoid any potential pitfalls (how embarassing!). Still, I think that we've created too much anxiety around something that, at its core, is just another astrological placement. It's no better or worse than the rest!

For those who are new to astrology, the moon void of course is the time from when the moon makes it's last aspect in one sign to the point when it makes its first aspect in another. It's a time of limbo, more or less. Since the moon isn't contacting any other planets, she's detached and we feel her energy less strongly.

Earlier this year, I started wondering if the moon void of course could be put to any productive use. Is there anything we can and should be doing during this time? And what can we do to max out its potential?

Here are a few suggestions I've seen work well so far:


Do whatever you'd normally do anyways.

Sticking with routine always seems to go smoothly during a moon void. If raspberries are your favorite fruit, don't worry that you might not like the ones you picked up at your local grocery just because the moon's giving her busy signal.


Do something that you don't actually want to come to fruition.

This is a little devious, but it's a useful trick to have up your sleeve nonetheless.


Indulge in a little rest and relaxation.

Book a trip to your destination of choice, with no other purpose than to have a wonderful time.



When the cosmos is quiet, it's the perfect moment to immerse yourself in a topic you've been meaning to research or to tackle that stack of books on your nightstand.


Be a bon vivant.

Catch that artsy film you've been itching to see. Take out the guitar that's been gathering dust and see what happens.


Prepare for what you're going to do when the moon is active again.

Make your to-do list for the upcoming week or give your home a clean sweep. You'll be so glad you did!



Journaling could be especially cathartic right now.



Go out for a glass of wine or host a poker night. No stress, and no ulterior motives but good company.



I'm telling you, it works wonders.


What's your favorite moon void of course activity? Think of something that didn't make it on the list? Please share yours in the comments!