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The Emperor

The Emperor

It may come as a surprise that fiery Aries is The Emperor's astrological counterpart. When I think of The Emperor, the first thing that comes to mind is a sense of harsh discipline that's usually attributed to Saturn. But much like The Emperor himself, Aries is a fearless sign known for its commanding presence and desire to gain mastery over everything in his path.

Aries is the sign of initiating new projects, which is perfect for The Emperor's stable energy. After the chaos of The Fool, the idea genesis of The Magician, the reflection of The High Priestess, and the creative impulses of The Empress, The Emperor urges us to turn our newborn dreams into something real. When this card appears, it's time to manifest your master plan, seek new adventures, and apply force when necessary.

The symbol of Aries is the ram, known for their stubbornness and propensity to butt heads. This symbol appears on the Emperor's throne in most versions of the fourth trump. When you're dealing with The Emperor's vibes, make sure you're not “ramming” your head against the wall or being overly hardheaded. Instead, draw on the fire element that's present in Aries and burn through those blocks!

In Corinne Kenner's Tarot and Astrology, she points out that the ram is a sacrificial animal in many cultures. This made me think of the austerity that is so often associated with this card. When you draw The Emperor, it might be time to tighten your belt for best results. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to meet your goals? Remember that letting go of something makes space for the new, and the ardent Emperor will help you break new ground.

Cosmic love! XO