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On Empowerment and the Libra New Moon

This morning at 2:14 AM EST, the moon renewed herself in Libra.

Traditionally, it's time for new beginnings in relationships. Intentions are set for new lovers, business partners, and soul friendships.

But what about our relationship to ourselves?

Under today's Libra moon, I invite you to ponder this:

How is your relationship to yourself?

Do you really know her? Have you two talked in a while? If not, take her out for coffee or high tea, or even a whiskey. You deserve it. Court her. Love her. Adore her. Indulge. Venus is getting cozy with the moon this time around, so a little luxury is certainly in order.

Earlier this week I went through the first half of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map workbook, one of my all-time favorite introspection tools. Her theory is that instead of focusing on external goals, you should first decide how you want to feel and use those feelings as a compass for your choices. After several days of journeying deep into my personal underworld, I returned to the light with the following words:





As I sat with them, I realized: these words are also a rallying cry for the new moon in Libra.

Right now, there's a Grand Fire Trine coming into alignment. Can you feel the embers glowing? Mars in Sagittarius wants infinite possibility, Uranus in Aries cries out for personal nourishment, and Jupiter in Leo seeks creative expression. And when you embrace all three together? That's a recipe for empowerment.

Empowerment doesn't have to be about gaining power over others. Ultimately, it's about honoring your personal power. As my dear friend Paige reminded me today, it's not something you have to go out and get. Let this delicious Libra moon be an opportunity to let empowerment flow through you.

Are you a tarot lover? Ask your deck: “What can I do to come into better relationship with myself?”. Or, put more simply, “What can I do today to show myself a little love?”

Happy Libra new moon, and blessed equinox! XX

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On Persephone and the Virgo New Moon

Virgo is most readily associated with the "practical": for a Virgo new moon we hear the typical prescriptions of organizing, color-coding, and deep cleaning.

And yes, Virgo is all of those things. But as my dear friend Paige reminded me this week: she's so much more than that.

Virgo is Persephone, the goddess of the Underworld, and Queen of the Eleusinian Mysteries (which took place in luscious late summer).

Virgo is the muse that so enraptured Pluto that he stole her from the land of the living.

Virgo is initiation, the beginning of the spiritual quest.

In the tarot, The Hermit carries the energy of Virgo. This is the card of magical study. When The Hermit appears, he's urging you to pull away from the mundane to focus on your inner journey, and then integrate your spiritual insights when you depart from the mountain.

Ultimately, Virgo is magical.

Why does the spiritual side of Virgo get lost in the fray? I'm not sure. But today's new moon is calling you to remember her ancient rites and give them their due. With Neptune opposite the new moon, look at how you're balancing the mystical and practical in your life. Do they have to be separate? In what ways can you bring them into communion?

Really, this is a perfect opportunity for some practical magic.

Not sure what I mean? Of course we know that sugar jars, abundance checks, or mojo bags can give you some extra cosmic oomph. But a strategic planning session where you visualize what you want and how to get it can be just as effective. How does your goal feel, taste, smell, and sound?  Make it tangible. Concrete stuff to bring you closer to your dreams will flourish now.

Why? Because action planet Mars is cozy with Saturn, the builder of foundations. And its happening in Scorpio, another sign that's both shrewd and intuitive. This is a rare event, so use the next three days to put your magical master plan and put it into action!

Need help cooking up a strategy? I'll be on Talking Shop this Wednesday chatting with Theresa Reed a.k.a. The Tarot Lady and Bri Saussy on how to use astrology in your biz.

If you're planning a launch, you don't want to miss this. (Psst... it's free!)

Here's to practical magic!

4 Reasons to LOVE the New Moon in Cancer

While you were sleeping, the moon renewed herself in Cancer.

There's plenty of reasons to adore new moons: they're packed with cosmic nourishment and always feel so refreshing. But this one is special.

Here are 4 reasons to LOVE today's new moon in Cancer:

1. The Moon loves to be in Cancer.

The moon is ruled by Cancer, so she's comfortable there. When these energies come together, your connection to your inner self is amplified: you can channel your animal instincts and embrace the ability to feel your way in the world. You may feel more emotional than normal today. That's good! Let those feelings flow. The moon and Cancer are also associated with home and history, so don't be surprised if you're struck by a sudden desire to nest! Now would be a great time to add a sacred space to your home, like an altar or meditation nook.

2. This new moon is making a trine to Neptune, the psychic planet.

Be on the lookout for vivid dreams, because they may have information for you. A solution to an emotional conundrum that's been plaguing you since December could pop up from your subconscious, or you may be able to lucid dream. Prophetic dreams are another possibility, so if you don't already have a dream journal, what are you waiting for?! Intuition is also heightened in waking life, so the next three days are an amazing opportunity for divination using stars, cards, bones, runes, or whatever suits you.

3. Throughout the day, the moon is going to get lots of positive action from other planets.

Later this morning, the moon is moving into a harmonious triangle formation (called a Grand Trine) with Chiron (the “wounded healer”) and Saturn (the “karmic teacher”). All the planets are in water signs, so this is about your emotions. It's a chance to work out a difficult relationship situation or otherwise surrender to whatever lesson life has been trying to teach you. Drink up the nourishing water energy of this trine by committing to self-care for the next three days. Recharge your batteries with yoga, one more hour of sleep each night, alone time, or whatever else feels good to you.

4. New moons are new beginnings.

At the moment of the new moon, the universe hits the cosmic reset button on your life. In the two weeks between now and the next full moon, you have a chance to start over and bring something totally new to fruition. Do you want to make more money? Start a new fitness routine? Launch a new creative project? Try writing an abundance check to draw in the object of your desire. Only one caveat: wait to start anything huge until after Mercury goes direct next Tuesday (July 1). Then you'll be clear to start taking concrete steps towards your goal.

Ready to map out your new beginning? Book an astrology or tarot reading and I'll help you strategize! We can talk about career, money, love, and whatever else needs renewing in your life.

Remember that rates go up on July 7! Happy full moon and cosmic love! XX

3 Things You Need to Know About the Gemini New Moon

After an intense start to 2014, today's new moon in Gemini finally lightens the mood. Airy Gemini is associated with communication of all types, so it's time to clear the decks and start anew with respect to the way you speak, write, and otherwise connect with those around you. This should be an easy transition, as Gemini's ruler Mercury, is in this sign now. Embrace laughter, levity, and razor-sharp wit for best results. But don't get too excited: as of yesterday Mercury entered his shadow period, which means he's slowing down for a full-fledged retrograde on June 7. With Mercury in Gemini this retrograde should be easier than most, but it's always better to err on the side of caution. That means it's best to hold off on signing any new contracts or making any big tech purchases until after he goes direct.

At this point you're probably wondering what you can do with this new moon. Here are the three things you need to know to amplify this moon's good vibes:

Mars in Libra trine the new moon is a tonic for your relationships.

Relationships that were tense during Mars retrograde earlier this month finally relax, and any lingering passive-aggression dissipates into deliciously clear lines of communication. The diplomatic Libra energy paired with Gemini's willingness to talk gives you a beautiful opportunity to speak your mind in all your relationships. Let your lovers, colleagues, and even muses know where you stand. Libra is highly creative, so you could be inspired to put your thoughts into writing now. Give it a try, the universe is supporting you!

Neptune in Pisces square the new moon activates your psychic nature, but obscures reality.

Illusory Neptune's difficult angle spells trouble for any new starts at this moon. Things may not be as they seem now, and if something looks to good to be true, it probably is. Give any new career offers or contracts time to simmer before you make your final decision, and make sure what you're signing onto is rooted in reality.

The good news is that any time Neptune is in play it gives you a serious psychic boost. Gemini is the messenger sign, so listen to your dreams: they may have information for you! Or, pull out your favorite divination tool and take advantage of this moon's amplified connection the spiritual realm.

Bad girl Lilith and asteroid Pandora give this new moon a rebellious flare.

Lilith and Pandora are both in harmony with this moon, throwing good angles from flashy fire signs (Leo and Aries respectively). Crystal clear Gemini opens up a channel for you to express your dark side. What parts of yourself have you tried to hide, both from the world and yourself? Write it down, share it with your tribe, or better yet, shout it from the rooftops! Remember that it's okay to love yourself unconditionally, and that your shadow side is just as valid as the light.

Happy New Moon and cosmic love! XX

PS- Don't forget to write your abundance check for this moon cycle!