Stars + Cards: The High Priestess

The High Priestess
The High Priestess

The High Priestess has one of the clearest connections to astrology in all the Tarot. Aside from the obvious (she's pictured with the crescent moon at her feet!), the Priestess and the Moon are inextricably intertwined.

The High Priestess is the Moon herself, ruler of potentiality, emotions, and feelings. She is receptive to all sort of hunches and impressions, and tuned into everything in her surroundings. In astrology, the moon represents our intuition and how we connect to it.

When the High Priestess comes up, look to your moon sign and discover how to receive cosmic guidance. This week, consider how your moon sign relates to how you receive intuitive signals from the universe. Gemini moon? Perhaps you pick up passing words in conversation that may have passed others by, or have an uncanny ability to pick up someone's vibe via email. Leo or Pisces moon? A chance song on the radio can speak volumes.

Like the moon, this card the divine feminine incarnate. As such, she's directly tied to the lunar cycle that all women experience every month. In astrology, the ebb and flow of the moon can help us direct our energies and plan to make the most of them. In many of my own readings, the High Priestess has spurred me to ask myself, “Is it really the most beneficial time for this action?”

When the High Priestess appears in your readings, you can answer this question by looking to the moon's phase and sign. Waxing moons are for starting, and waning moons are for ending. Looking to start somethingduring the waning moon period? It might be time to reconsider. Activities ruled by the sign the moon is passing through do very well too. Aries moon? Do something brave, or get to the gym to burn off that fiery energy. If you're still curious, I post every week on positive activities for each moon sign. This week is Pisces, so stay tuned!

Cosmic love! XX