How to Write an Abundance Check

Full disclosure: I love new moons. Full moons get all the attention, but new moons have a special place in my heart. Everything is fresh, and if you listen closely you can hear the earth humming with new life. It's the perfect time to connect with the stars and work a little magic. In astrology, new moons signal beginnings and initiations. During the two weeks following a new moon, a special window of time opens up. This period is perfect for launching anything you want to come to fruition by the time of the upcoming full moon.

One of my favorite ways to harness this energy is by writing an abundance check. Under the glowing dark of the new moon, you write a check to yourself for whatever (usually money) you want to manifest that month. The theory is that by clearly stating your desire, you are actually inviting the universe to give you what you want. It's a petition of sorts. I've done this many times, and been bowled over by the universe's generosity.

Use this technique with caution (and good sense). Don't be greedy. Take time to meditate on what and how much you truly need. Of course, there's no use not asking for enough, but be conscious of what you realistically will be able to manifest. If you feel that you need a million dollars to accomplish your life's purpose, by all means, go for it! But if what you really need is closer to the thousand dollars it takes to pay your rent, then ask for that.

Also, be open to new sources of income after performing this ritual. A new job could fulfill your financial needs just as much as any windfall!



1. Take a check or deposit slip from your check book.

2. On the date line, write "New Moon in Leo".

Change the astrological sign to suit your timing - you can repeat this ritual on any new moon, but I suggest doing it only when you have need.

3. Write your name where it says “Pay to the order of”.

4. In the amount line, write the amount of money (or the item or feeling) you want to attract.

5. In the memo line, write “The Law of Abundance”.

6. Sign it. You can also write any symbols on it that might be close to your heart.

Astrological glyphs, spiritual symbols, or any words or phrases that will remind you of your desires are very appropriate.

7. Dress the paper with your choice of essential oil, incense, or herbs.*

Almond is great for money-drawing, and I like to use the good ole extract straight from the grocery store.
*This step is optional, but I find anything that adds to the symbolic nature of the ritual helps.

8. Hold on to the check for a moment, closing your eyes and visualizing whatever you've asked for coming to you.

What will it be like when the object of your desire finally arrives? The key is thinking about it as though it has actually happened.

9. Put the check or deposit slip in a place where it won't be disturbed, but where you will remember it.

10. Let the universe do its work. Trust that whatever you've asked for is on its way!


Don't be afraid to make this your own! Light candles if it makes you feel close to your inner self, or don't if you feel like it's too corny. Use whatever symbolism you need to help you visualize your desires.

Happy New Moon in Leo!