On Empowerment and the Libra New Moon

This morning at 2:14 AM EST, the moon renewed herself in Libra.

Traditionally, it's time for new beginnings in relationships. Intentions are set for new lovers, business partners, and soul friendships.

But what about our relationship to ourselves?

Under today's Libra moon, I invite you to ponder this:

How is your relationship to yourself?

Do you really know her? Have you two talked in a while? If not, take her out for coffee or high tea, or even a whiskey. You deserve it. Court her. Love her. Adore her. Indulge. Venus is getting cozy with the moon this time around, so a little luxury is certainly in order.

Earlier this week I went through the first half of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map workbook, one of my all-time favorite introspection tools. Her theory is that instead of focusing on external goals, you should first decide how you want to feel and use those feelings as a compass for your choices. After several days of journeying deep into my personal underworld, I returned to the light with the following words:





As I sat with them, I realized: these words are also a rallying cry for the new moon in Libra.

Right now, there's a Grand Fire Trine coming into alignment. Can you feel the embers glowing? Mars in Sagittarius wants infinite possibility, Uranus in Aries cries out for personal nourishment, and Jupiter in Leo seeks creative expression. And when you embrace all three together? That's a recipe for empowerment.

Empowerment doesn't have to be about gaining power over others. Ultimately, it's about honoring your personal power. As my dear friend Paige reminded me today, it's not something you have to go out and get. Let this delicious Libra moon be an opportunity to let empowerment flow through you.

Are you a tarot lover? Ask your deck: “What can I do to come into better relationship with myself?”. Or, put more simply, “What can I do today to show myself a little love?”

Happy Libra new moon, and blessed equinox! XX

Image credit: Death to Stock Photography