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Magical Miscellany: 12.23.2014

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I found this beauty outside the meeting room at Theresa Reed's Soulful Proprietor retreat. Isn't she lovely?

In the spirit of the holidays, I've prepared an extra helping of link love goodness for your vacation reading pleasure. Eat up!

Want to improve your tarot practice in the new year? This book of 365 tarot spreads will do the trick! (Besides, who can resist a chapter called Lord Shiva's Find a Mate Spread?)

Sas Petherick's mini-memoir about her spiritual journey from skeptic to mystic is intimate and heartfelt. Read it here, here, and here.

Theresa Reed has been dealing some much-needed tough love this week. Tarot readers, take note: her 10 signs your biz is not sustainable and tips to help a client in crisis are wise and supremely useful.

Briana Saussy shares unique perspective on last Sunday's winter solstice and new moon by looking at the contradictory symbolism behind the goat. Is he the wild god, or the Christian devil? You decide.

From Braid Creative: it's okay to start small.

Hey Shenee's behind-the-scenes look at her rebrand is full of good reminders for creative entrepreneurs.  Also, if you haven't tried her Brand Chemistry quiz yet, I highly recommend it!

Can you sum up your focus for the new year in one word?

What's the difference between detachment and non-attachment, and why does it matter?

These two sentences can make just about anything better.

Stop waiting for something to happen before going after what you want.

I love this deep cut from Alexandra Franzen: 10 ways your website is breaking my heart. (Confession: I'm guilty of a few of these! Lesson learned.)

Jacquelyn Tierney is a beautiful soul, and her e-book, Possessed: A How-to Guide on Collecting, Editing, and Manifesting, is equally as lovely. It's a breakdown of reading the energy of your home and other private spaces. If you're looking to feather your nest, this is a must read!

Magical Miscellany: 12.08.2014

Another one from my Charleston trip last month. That light was so perfect!

Susannah Conway's Unravelling Your Year Ahead is my favorite way to wind down the past year and prepare for the new. There's some serious magic in that PDF. Don't miss it.

Psst... I'll be using this hot chocolate recipe to make Christmas gifts for my colleagues and friends. Bonus: it's dairy free!

I've never used a Filofax, but I think it may be time to start. If it's got Gala Darling and Michelle Nikolaisen of Bombchelle talking, then it's good enough for me!

Choosing your reading material based on your Mercury sign is absolute genius. It is the planet of communication, after all!

How to make a good first impression online.

25 gift ideas for bloggers and biz ladies.

These four words could revolutionize the way you interact with others: "I'd prefer not to."

Confession: I'm a huge James Bond fan. I could hardly contain my excitement when they announced the cast and title for the new Bond film last week! And Lea Seydoux as a Bond girl? Yes, please.