On Persephone and the Virgo New Moon

Virgo is most readily associated with the "practical": for a Virgo new moon we hear the typical prescriptions of organizing, color-coding, and deep cleaning.

And yes, Virgo is all of those things. But as my dear friend Paige reminded me this week: she's so much more than that.

Virgo is Persephone, the goddess of the Underworld, and Queen of the Eleusinian Mysteries (which took place in luscious late summer).

Virgo is the muse that so enraptured Pluto that he stole her from the land of the living.

Virgo is initiation, the beginning of the spiritual quest.

In the tarot, The Hermit carries the energy of Virgo. This is the card of magical study. When The Hermit appears, he's urging you to pull away from the mundane to focus on your inner journey, and then integrate your spiritual insights when you depart from the mountain.

Ultimately, Virgo is magical.

Why does the spiritual side of Virgo get lost in the fray? I'm not sure. But today's new moon is calling you to remember her ancient rites and give them their due. With Neptune opposite the new moon, look at how you're balancing the mystical and practical in your life. Do they have to be separate? In what ways can you bring them into communion?

Really, this is a perfect opportunity for some practical magic.

Not sure what I mean? Of course we know that sugar jars, abundance checks, or mojo bags can give you some extra cosmic oomph. But a strategic planning session where you visualize what you want and how to get it can be just as effective. How does your goal feel, taste, smell, and sound?  Make it tangible. Concrete stuff to bring you closer to your dreams will flourish now.

Why? Because action planet Mars is cozy with Saturn, the builder of foundations. And its happening in Scorpio, another sign that's both shrewd and intuitive. This is a rare event, so use the next three days to put your magical master plan and put it into action!

Need help cooking up a strategy? I'll be on Talking Shop this Wednesday chatting with Theresa Reed a.k.a. The Tarot Lady and Bri Saussy on how to use astrology in your biz.

If you're planning a launch, you don't want to miss this. (Psst... it's free!)

Here's to practical magic!

The Cult of Elegance: Virgo Full Moon 2014

If you ask me, Virgo gets a bad rap.

Critical. Nit-picky. Demanding. These are just a few of the words that get tossed around when Virgo comes up. And, yes, there's some truth in them. But what motivates the perfectionism?

Virgo is obsessed with elegance. It's devoted to refining everything in life—their habits, their tastes, their relationships—for maximum efficiency. At their core, Virgos are high priests or priestesses, constantly tending the altar of simplicity.

As the Virgo moon reaches fullness this afternoon, consider what parts of your life could benefit from more elegance.

What habits, practices, and day-to-day routines need an upgrade? This is the perfect time to tend to the details. Think of it as spring cleaning for the soul.

Good beams from Saturn in Scorpio support some major purging, whether physical or spiritual. Since Saturn is retrograde, you'll likely feel pulled to look inward to see what needs releasing, especially with respect to career and responsibility. Whatever work you're doing, make it simpler. Let go of the clutter and make space for the new birth of spring.

Dark Moon Lilith in Cancer is also sending positive vibes to this full moon. With the rage goddess in the house of deep healing, ask yourself: has your drive for perfection overshadowed your need for self-care? This full moon is your opportunity to tend to the details of your body. Getting a massage or a mani-pedi can be a spiritual act now.

With the Virgo full moon just a few days before the Spring Equinox, it's time to slough off the old so that the fresh buds can come through. Focus on making your life as efficient a possible, so your dreams can flower and bloom!

This moon is great for: releasing, self-care, spiritual cleansing. Bri Saussy's post So Fresh and So Clean! How to Spiritually Clean Yourself, Home, or Car is full of rituals that are practically made for the Virgo full moon!

Happy Spring Equinox, and cosmic love! XO

6 Things to Do When the Moon is in Virgo

It's that time again! In honor of Thursday's new moon in Virgo, I've rounded up six things that are sure to prosper when the moon is in the sixth sign of the zodiac.


Start a habit, or break one for good.

Virgo is the sign of healthy habits, so if you've been thinking of kicking one of your vices to the curb, now's the time to go for it. The Virgo moon is also great for implementing new structures. Whether it's a daily meditation practice or an earlier bedtime, this moon will set you up for success.


Love your body.

Virgo also rules our health, so it's the perfect time to start a new workout regime or all-organic diet. Take time to nurture yourself under this moon.


Be of service.

Since Virgo is “the servant”, the Virgo moon calls us to give back to the world (and generously). Even if you feel like you're too broke to make any major humanitarian contribution, volunteering or even giving a stranger a simple smile can make a difference.


Solve a problem.

Virgo loves details, and the Virgo moon can give us the stamina we need to get down to the nitty-gritty of an issue. I've used this trick many times, and it always works!


Organize your life.

All Virgos know that simplicity is a virtue, and under the Virgo moon, you should too. Rid your home of clutter, sort through your junk drawer, and clean like there's no tomorrow. If you're feeling feisty, you can even try a little feng shui.



Virgo is ruled by cerebral Mercury, and the brainy energy of the Virgo moon optimizes our thought processes. Grab your Moleskine and get to work. The ideas that strike might just last you until the next Virgo moon!


What's your favorite moon in Virgo activity? Are you planning to start something big under the new moon? Share your Virgo moon story in the comments.

Stars + Cards: Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Ever wondered how Tarot and astrology were linked, but could never make the connection? Stars + Cards is all about helping you connect the dots once and for all.

Every Friday I'm going to pull one Tarot card at random and explain the cosmic correspondences at work!

This week's card is the Knight of Pentacles, which corresponds with Virgo. The Sun will be moving into Virgo in just over a week, so this is perfect timing!

This earthy knight sits and surveys the landscape, meticulously planning his next move. Anyone with a close Virgo friend or colleague knows they can organize, schedule, and otherwise coordinate like no other. In the Morgan Greer deck, he's got his pentacle shield up and is on guard. This shows us that, like most Virgos, he's a pretty cautious guy.

This slow and steady Knight tells us to focus on the details. It's time for mouse vision. What loose ends do you need to tie up in order to spring to action? Draw on the energy of Virgo for any detail-oriented activities. This week, look at where Virgo falls in your chart. The house where you have your Virgo is where you're a super organizer and master planner! Get to work sprucing up that area of your chart while the sun is transiting this hyperfocused sign.

Though this Knight bears the message that hard work is necessary in order to get to where we want to be, don't fall in to the Virgo trap of overwork. A lesser Virgo could be carrying around a serious a martyr complex. The Knight of Pentacles serves his King with steadfast devotion, but don't do so at your own expense.

When Virgo energy or this card shows up, the way to thrive is through routine and ritual. Virgo rules the 6th house of healthy habits, so it's the perfect time to revamp your daily schedule or eating regimen! Always wanted to go gluten-free, but always fell off the wagon a week in? Or are you ready to start blogging regularly, but could never find the time before? Virgo and the Knight of Pentacles tell us that the time is right to put structures in place that you want to stick for the rest of the year. Now's your chance... now hop to it!