4 Secrets to Rock the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

By now I'm sure you've heard the fuss. Today's full moon is a total lunar eclipse! Astrologers have a bad habit of writing gloom-and-doom horoscopes for eclipse season, but that's not how I work.

Believe it or not, I love eclipses! They're like supercharged moons, and their energy is intense. Eclipses are great for giving your magical work a boost, if you want to get witchy with it. Under this moon you'll see things in your life come fruition... perhaps suddenly. The speed at which you're able to manifest your dreams might surprise you.

Want to make the most of these powerful vibes? Here are 4 secrets to help you rock it:


Libra is the sign of relationships, so our interpersonal connections are the apex of this moon's message.

If a friendship or love has turned toxic, release it graciously and don't look back. Remind yourself that by saying no to one person, you are saying yes to someone new. And as a matter of fact, that someone may turn up within the next month. Eclipses don't just remove things from our lives: they can bring fresh faces too. Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo), this tip goes double for you!

Does all the lovey-dovey relationship talk not resonate? Don't forget that Libra is also the sign of contracts, so you may be entering into or leaving a business partnership! (Scorpio and Capricorn, I'm looking at you.)


This full moon is in close quarters with minor planet Vesta, named for the Roman hearth goddess.

She's pictured above with another fiery god, Apollo. At her temple, virgin priestesses tended the flame of her shrine around the clock to ensure it never faltered. Romans believed the fire represented the very soul of Rome, and to let it go out to would be to extinguish the empire itself. This eclipse reveals the part of yourself that requires your utmost devotion right now. Vesta's fire can also represent the creative spark in a horoscope, so block out some time to journal any new ideas. Be a votary to your inspiration.


The north node represents the path of our highest good, and it's right on top of this eclipse.

When this mystical point is activated our dreams are vivid, encounters feel karmic, and synchronicity abounds. All these things are trying to tell you something about the best course of action regarding connection and intimacy. Give yourself space to listen through meditation, or simply being present in your everyday routine. Words in a passing conversation could be as magic as the Tarot now.


Mars isn't close enough to this moon to make huge waves, but his presence in Libra still matters.

The god of war isn't the most comfortable in this Venus-ruled sign, AND he's now retrograde, meaning he's in stealth mode. Whatever you enact now, it's best to do it with a level of secrecy. Keep it close to the belt. Telling all your friends that you scored a dream client or a date with your dream lover could sabotage the whole ordeal. Think like the leopard: stalk your prey, then go for the throat. With grace, of course.

Finally, don't forget the 3 rules of eclipses: embrace change, release what no longer serves you, and listen to the universe.

Cosmic love! XX


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