Twelve Faces of Style

TWELVE FACES OF STYLE | Who's your style muse?

Okay, so a few things: yes, the blog is back. It's about damn time. You've already gotten a sneak peek at my series on sexy astrology (The Chemistry Lab), but there's even more brewing behind the scenes that will be well worth the very long wait.

As a way to reintroduce myself, here's a look at the work I've been doing with sacred stylist Jacquelyn Tierney over the past year. Our joint venture, Twelve Faces of Style, is a star-studded guide to fashion. We've found the perfect shade of Scorpio red, selected lingerie by star sign, and even helped a few of you with personal styling based on your natal chart - or Star Style Map, as we like to call it. It's been quite an adventure.

Where does one begin to explore the Twelve Faces universe? Everything about us is perfectly encapsulated in my favorite column: Style Muse. In it, Jackie and I talk about how your rising sign is your style secret weapon - something I've been on about for years on this blog and am now exploring more in depth thanks her sartorial expertise.

Of course, all of the muses are musicians because I just couldn't help myself.

Here's the lineup so far:


Aries - Rihanna

Taurus - Lana Del Rey

Gemini - Amy Winehouse

Cancer - Kanye West

Aquarius - David Bowie


David Bowie was slated to be our Aquarius muse in a few months, but when I heard about his passing I thought the post would be a fitting tribute. Stay tuned for Leo through Pisces.

In the meantime, we're working on something special that puts everything we've discovered about the astrology of fashion into one place. You'll have the perfect set of style rules for your natal chart - and your wardrobe - to follow or break. Who said style can't be spiritual?

For now, enjoy Style Muse and The Chemistry Lab will be posted soon!