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Magical Miscellany: 4.20.2015

There's just a little over a month left of my Tarot Apprentice mentorship with Hilary Parry. Where did the time go? It's been an incredible experience, and you can bet I'll be putting my head down over the next few weeks to make the most of our remaining time together.

Do you have a soulful biz dream? These three questions will help you get clear and go pro.

Need inspiration? Stoic emperor Marcus Aurelius is always relevant.

Susannah Conway shares the lessons she learned from nine years of blogging. Spoiler alert: they're excellent.

What will I be missing if I choose to stay?

You survived tax season! Now, what financial records do you need to keep?

What is your blog's "bounce rate", and why does it matter? Sarah Morgan gives you the lowdown.

Here's how to make the most of that book or course and actually apply it to your life.

I really admire this post from Grace Bonney at Design*Sponge on what scares her. Vulnerability is sexy. (Also, if you haven't downloaded her podcast After the Jump, make it happen! It's supremely useful and insightful, especially for creative professionals.)

Blogging is a genre, and don't you forget it.

I firmly believe that everyone should work in the service industry at least once in their life. Apparently, the writers over at The Kitchn do too!

When you avoid giving negative feedback, you may be hurting more than you're helping.

People don't buy because what you do is awesome. People buy because it makes them feel awesome.

I love Tabby Beasly's post on Little Red Tarot about grouping the astrological houses in your birth chart.

Curious how tarot pro Theresa Reed does it all? She shared her daily routine from wake-up time to wine-o-clock.

This post on the trickster archetype and why it's important to have a sense of humor about spirituality is hilarious. Enjoy.

Magical Miscellany: 3.16.2015

Did you know that Elemental Astrology includes audio of all 11 modules? This weekend my husband (a professional musician and recording engineer) turned our home into a studio for a marathon recording session. 

The course goes live at the end of this week (!), so there's only a few days left to snag your copy at the preorder price! If you're a mystic on a budget, take a look.

 What if I don't know what I want?

How to use your work to get a better life

On walking slowly and smelling the jasmine

 15 classy ways to handle a fuck up

How I learned to live in my body

The truth about daily practice

24 outfit formulas for spring

Want to trust yourself more? You need discernment.

How to remain objective when you read tarot for the whole family

Excessive expectations block fulfillment.

Zoolander at Valentino!?

How to find a home in yourself

Magical Miscellany: 11.24.2014

Taken just outside my office last week. The leaves + sunset were even more radiant in person!

Confession: I've developed a serious blog crush on Kelly-Ann Maddox of The Four Queens. Her posts for Global Entrepreneurship Week were delicious, thoughtful, and damn useful, especially this one on troubleshooting 10 common dilemmas for spiritual biz owners.

Paige Zaferiou of Tarot and Tea has a secret weapon for combating depression.

You teach people how to treat you.

I love these 8 ways to invoke your muse from Happy Fish Tarot. (She's also quickly becoming one of my favorite tarot bloggers!)

These anti-business-guru tips from Theresa Reed of The Tarot Lady are much needed in the entrepreneurial world. Always question the authorities.

Briana Saussy is a my go-to lady for all things magical. Her instructions on how to write a petition are simple + potent.

Are you caught in a habit loop?

What do you do when someone else has your brilliant idea? Hey Shenee has you covered.

Magical Miscellany: 11.09.2014

This has been a common occurrence at my home these days. One of the many reasons why autumn is my favorite season!

Are you a spiritual mean girl?

What are you devoted to creating in the new year? (A worksheet.)

The Tarot Lady's super simple spread for strategy is marvelous.

The Astrotwins' online forecasts were some of the first horoscopes I ever read! Garance Doré recently interviewed them about what it's like to be a professional astrologer, and the result is fascinating.

You know how much I love Jimmy Page, right? And you know how much I love magic? That said, I absolutely cannot wait to read this book.

This longread from The Toast on women's intuition and men behaving badly is delightful.