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Cosmic Chat with Paige Zaferiou

Cosmic Chat is a conversation with metaphysical practitioners about the role astrology plays in their world. I’m featuring one sacred artist every month. We’ll talk current astro, planning by the stars, astrology as a spiritual practice, and even their own birth charts!

This month's guest is the charming & sparkly Paige Zaferiou of Tarot & Tea. She's a tarot reader, magical practitioner, creator of enchanted teas, & all around fabulous human. Even through the internet her upbeat sense of humor is infectious! Bonus: her free Daily Tarot Readings on Instagram are always spot-on and inspiring if you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

1. What is your favorite part of your birth chart (if you had to choose)?

Oh gosh! I think a lot of my joie de vivre comes from having Uranus and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius in my 8th house. I love being a total weirdo, doing things my own way, and waving my freak flag high and proud, and taking great pleasure in doing so!

It's also a wonderful aspect for my magical practice. I feel very stimulated by magic. The Sagittarian energy there fuels my immersion in and study of magic and the occult in a big, big way. Saturn brings discipline and dedication to my magical practice and Uranus makes me feel...illuminated. When I'm working magic, it lights me up and the impossible becomes possible.

2. If there a part of your chart that you find particularly challenging? If so, how do you make it work it to your benefit?

My Moon is in Gemini in the 2nd house, and that can be challenging both emotionally and financially. Financially, I tend to waffle between compulsive frugality and joyful splurges! Emotionally, it means I can move between dizzying heights of elation and horrific depths of despair and depression.

I work with these challenges through self-awareness of my own rhythms. By accepting that my finances and feelings wax and wane like the moon, I can go easier on myself. I wouldn't rail against the waning crescent moon for not being full, and likewise I do my best not to rail against myself when I'm in a natural downswing. Instead, I allow myself to be there, in that swing, and do whatever work needs to be done while I'm there - much like we do magical work with the phases of the moon. The more I pay attention to and work with my natural cycles, the more easily they flow.

Another manifestation of my Gemini Moon is that I'm a voracious reader! When I was younger I definitely engaged in escapist behavior: it was practically impossible to get my nose out of a book and I got in a lot of trouble in school for reading under my desk, let me tell you... Luckily, I've gotten better at balancing the real world with the written word as I've gotten older. But it's still important for my mental health that I regularly read for pleasure.

3. Right now, dreamy Neptune is transiting his home sign of super-psychic Pisces. You've got Mercury AND Venus in Pisces-- how is this transit showing up in your life so far?

Oh goodness, my dreams have been CRAY! I'm also starting to come out of the weird cloudiness of Mercury retrograde. I had a difficult time writing while Mercury was retrograde, but now I can feel my intuitive waters are clearing and my channels of communication are opening back up.

4. In addition to Tarot readings, you sell "Moonblessed Teas". I love that idea! How do you work with the moon in creating these tasty goodies, and throughout your day-to-day life?

Tea and the Moon are two of my absolute favorite things! They both play important roles in my everyday life. The Moon is the most important "planet" to me. She has been my constant companion and I live my life by her cycles.

When creating my Moonblessed Teas, I look ahead and see which signs the upcoming full moons will be. I think about that sign, the sign the Sun will be in, and their ruling planets. I let those thoughts and dreams percolate until an intention, a blessing created by that unique combination, begins to form in my mind. Then, I think about which of my plant allies are aligned with that intention.

In naming the blends, I think about which tarot cards are aligned with the intention. For example, Empress in the Tower is aligned with the feminine creative/destructive power of life/death/life. Then, once I've got the intention, recipe, and name for a tea blend, I craft and charge it under the full moon.

My creative process is very intuitive: I study and read obsessively so that when I'm creating, my intuition has that library of knowledge to draw upon. That's my Moon in Gemini: it eagerly soaks up information and when the time comes to get creative, I can just dream about what I'm making.

5. Does astrology play a part in your spiritual practice? If so, how?

Holy chicken butts, it certainly does! Natal charts play an important supporting role in my tarot practice. When I do a big reading, I look at my client's natal chart so I know how the energy tends to flow in their life. It's really helpful for me in telling their story back to them and giving them the best guidance I can.

In my personal practice, I align my magical workings with the planetary energy of each day of the week - although perhaps not always in a traditional way. I do self-love magic on Venus-ruled Friday, which is typical, but I often do abundance work on Monday as well as Thursday - with my Moon in the 2nd house, it feels good for me to work with money and the Moon on the Moon's day.

I also work with the cycles of the Moon, of course. For each phase of the Moon I do a divination ritual and look at the messages of the Moon's phase, its Zodiac sign, and the lunar mansion. And on the morning of each New Moon I meet with a group of magic moon women, and during our ritual we meditate on the significance of setting intentions under the Moon's present Zodiac sign. It makes us feel connected to the Universe, aligned and in tune and whole. I truly believe in One Love, and astrology is the big connector between little ole me down here on Earth and the other planetary energies out there in the heavens. YUM BURGERS!

Miss Paige is now offering readings by email. You can also order one of her fabulous teas by visiting her Etsy shop. Bottoms up!