Mars retrograde

What's Mars Retrograde Got to Do With It?

By now you've probably heard the fuss: action planet Mars is retrograde. What's that? It means the planet appears to be moving backwards across the sky, and that Mars-ruled affairs (like new projects, passion, and aggression) are on the fritz.

Mars is currently in the peace-loving sign of Libra. In traditional astrology, this is not a good placement for Mars, and his energy can be diffused into passive-aggression and manipulation if not properly channeled. Still, not all is lost: Libra is ruled by Venus, and whenever the war god and the love goddess meet up, sparks fly. Things may sizzle in your love life, but be cautious, as things could fizzle out as soon as Mars turns direct on May 20.

Most importantly? DO NOT launch any new projects now. It's said among astrologers that whoever initiates now, loses, so wait until May to do so.

Well, if you can't start anything new, what can you do? I've written a few Tarot questions to help you figure it out.


Grab your favorite deck and get ready to make your own Mars retrograde game plan.

Tip: Choose a significator that you believe best represents the energy of Mars retrograde. The Emperor could be a good choice, or the Devil. Kinky!

What past slight do I need to release?

What taboo do I need to embrace?

How can I channel my rage into positive activities?

What part of my life would benefit from a little stealth and secrecy right now?

What am I really fighting for?


Want more? Gala Darling's post, Now Mars is Retrograde: Are You Kidding Me?, is a fantastic explanation of the ins and outs of this energy. And, as always, Bri Saussy gives excellent insight into what this transit is all about in her article Mars Retrograde in Libra: Swords to Ploughshares.

Happy Mars retrograde, and cosmic love!