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#StarsAndCards Roundup: A Sneak Peek!

Happy Halloween! Earlier this month, I started an Instagram series (called #StarsAndCards) to explain the astrology behind all 78 tarot cards. Every day I posted one card, its astrological counterpart, and how you can use that connection in your own readings.

It's been on hiatus for a few weeks (thanks to lots of travel and one lovely retreat hosted by none other than Theresa Reed!), but I'm bringing it back just in time for the most magical day of the year.

Curious about playing along? Here's a sneak peek!

The Fool (0)

Corresponds to Uranus. These two share a penchant for rebellion. They're future-oriented + herald a fresh (if abrupt) start. When this card comes up, think about your big vision + how to make your work as original as possible. Check out your own Uranus sign for ideas. For example, someone with Uranus in Scorpio may want to do some deep reflection + hone their intuition as they move ahead.

The Magician (I)

Corresponds to Mercury. They're both about how you can turn your thoughts into reality. It's manifestation, plain + simple. If this card shows up in your reading, look to where Mercury is in your chart or by transit for a clue on how to turn your dreams into reality.Someone with Mercury in Aries would benefit from a fiery, direct approach, while a Mercury in Taurus person would do better going slow + steady.

The High Priestess (II)

Corresponds to the beautiful Lady Luna. Like the moon, she is Artemis, Hekate, and Isis, filled with magic + mystery. Both are a signal to listen to your intuition, pay attention to your instincts, and nurture yourself. Not sure what the right form of self-care is for you? Check out your moon sign! Moon in Gemini people need mental stimulation in order to relax. Others, like the Pisces Moon, need a spiritual connection to feel comforted.

The Empress (III)

Corresponds to Venus, the zodiac's love goddess. She + Venus encourage you think about love, beauty, and what you value. When this card comes up it can be a signal to pamper yourself, or to get in touch with your inner muse. Connect with your inner love goddess/muse by doing your Venus sign. Venus in Virgo types need simple elegance while Venus in Leo people want flash + extravagance.

The Emperor (IV)

Corresponds to Aries. Like his martial counterpart, he's dressed in armor + armed with the symbols of authority. Both represent a call to step into your personal power! When The Emperor comes up and your aren't feeling particularly confident, look to your Mars sign for inspiration. A Mars in Capricorn person may be bolstered by achievement, but a Mars in Pisces needs a creative outlet in order to feel powerful.

Get the idea? Marvelous! Follow along using the hashtag #StarsAndCards.

Don't forget- I love hearing from you! Feel free to post any questions. I've been known to share a quick astro tip from time to time...

Blessed Dia de los Muertos, and cosmic love! XX