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Magical Miscellany: 2.02.2015

In honor of Mercury Rx, here's a throwback. I pulled these two cards as my theme for last year's Soulful Proprietor retreat. Truth in action.

According to this report, "ritual sage burning" set off the fire alarms at 1 WTC. A note to all modern mystics: remember to burn your incense in a well ventilated area!

I love this reminder from Shauna Haider that we all have to start somewhere.

Did anyone else notice that Sam Smith's hit single sounds eerily similar to "Stay With Me"? Apparently Tom Petty did too.

I've always wanted to live abroad. Maybe one day I'll take the leap!

Huge props to Allison Lehman of Be Up & Doing for her beautiful transparency this week. Her posts on being a self-funded female entrepreneur and weekly food prep are pure gold.

How to sell more in the next 90 days than you did all last year

What courage really looks like

What to say to people who try to share your tarot confidence

Did I hear someone say "Girl Scout cookie scented Yankee candles"? Yes please!

You don't find your purpose. You make it.

What if style is much more than just our clothes?

How to be memorable in 2015 (Calling all small business owners: this is a killer reality check!)

How playing music benefits your brain more than any other activity

Shit storms often contain very valuable lessons.

5 counterintuitive money lessons from 2014

Your life is a hot date. Show up.

I am so excited to see Beth Maiden's dream of a queer tarot deck finally springing to life!

Magical Miscellany: 1.19.2015

This brilliant rose jumped out at me during a chilly walk in the park. Even in winter, beautiful things persist.

For when times are hard: today is not over yet. And, "I wonder what kind of battle they're fighting today?".

This new moon column by Mystic Medusa and Gala Darling is just too good for words. Don't miss it.

Remember how to told you that Sas Petherick was telling the story of her spiritual journey on her blog? The final installment is up!

Do you have an everyday uniform? I don't know what I'd do without mine.

Don’t let your fear of being seen as a bitch turn you into a business wimp.

What the hell are significators, anyways?

Beth Maiden's post on finding lessons among the Swords is gorgeous.

Is it a sign? Briana Saussy teaches us how to read signs and omens.

Finally, I can't recommend this book highly enough: It's Not About the Money. If you're working through money stuff in 2015, take the quiz and see if your archetype resonates.