Dancing in the Dark: Full Moon in Cancer 2014



When we talk about Cancer, there's a tendency to focus on the comfortable, nurturing aspects of whatever's going on. But this full moon is not to be trifled with: it's conjunct Lilith, the Dark Moon. She's a complicated and controversial spirit in mythology and astrology alike. Jewish lore says Lilith was Adam's first wife, who was cast out of Eden for refusing to submit to him sexually. Stories vary, but word is that she wanted to be more adventurous in bed than her male counterpart, and he didn't much care for it.

She appears in art as a beautiful woman adorned by a snake, an age-old symbol for the ancient feminine divine. If the moon is the sacred feminine we see and accept, then Lilith is the dark parts of the goddess we've pushed to the margins. She's just now gaining widespread popularity in the astrological community, if that's any indication. She represents the things we'd like to keep hidden, but are begging to get out. Repressed feelings breaking loose, fierce sexuality, and rage are all calling cards of the Dark Moon Lilith.

This full moon is our opportunity to fully integrate our light and our darkness. As the moon and Lilith draw close to one another, we can reconcile what's outwardly acceptable with our inner struggle. Most importantly, the feminine takes center stage here and brings our feelings out into the open. Avoiding whatever comes up at this full moon isn't an option. The universe is forcing us to face our emotions, no matter how torrential they may be. Intuitives and empaths may find this universal deluge overwhelming, so make sure to breathe and remember to stay grounded! Check out this post from Louise Androlia for tips.

Love goddess Venus (who's still in retrograde until January 31) crashes the party, opposing the full moon and throwing a wrench into matters involving relationships, beauty, and money. Lucky for us, a stabilizing trine from Saturn will help us keep our footing in the midst of these waves of emotion. Saturn is the planet of longevity, any transformation that you catalyze now has the potential to last for years to come. Ready to get over an ex, once and for all? Is it time for you to release outmoded beliefs about your capacity to love and succeed in life? Now is the time!

The good news is that we have another square from Mars this time around, giving us the energetic boost we'll need in order to cope with this full moon's intensity! However, Mars squares can be double-edged swords. Watch the tendency towards irritability and make sure all this energy has a positive channel. Music, painting, yoga, running, planning... any of these would be a fine conduits for this electric surge. Be creative!


This full moon is good for: releasing, letting go, acknowledging our shadow, connecting with the feminine divine.


What do the cards say?

MESSAGE: Two of Vessels/Attraction. The spark between two opposites ignites, and new love is born. This could be between you and another person, or within you. Two is always a message of balance, and this full moon is all about balancing the light and dark aspects of your inner self.

ADVICE: Nine of Arrows/Dedication. With devotion, we can kindle this spark into a burning flame. The Cancer moon is always a good time to tend your inner fire through self-care and fully expressing your emotions.

HIDDEN THINGS: The Green Man/The Emperor. I love this! Since the focus during this full moon is so deeply entrenched in the feminine, don't forget to tend to your masculine side too.


Happy full moon and cosmic love!