On Empowerment and the Libra New Moon

This morning at 2:14 AM EST, the moon renewed herself in Libra.

Traditionally, it's time for new beginnings in relationships. Intentions are set for new lovers, business partners, and soul friendships.

But what about our relationship to ourselves?

Under today's Libra moon, I invite you to ponder this:

How is your relationship to yourself?

Do you really know her? Have you two talked in a while? If not, take her out for coffee or high tea, or even a whiskey. You deserve it. Court her. Love her. Adore her. Indulge. Venus is getting cozy with the moon this time around, so a little luxury is certainly in order.

Earlier this week I went through the first half of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map workbook, one of my all-time favorite introspection tools. Her theory is that instead of focusing on external goals, you should first decide how you want to feel and use those feelings as a compass for your choices. After several days of journeying deep into my personal underworld, I returned to the light with the following words:





As I sat with them, I realized: these words are also a rallying cry for the new moon in Libra.

Right now, there's a Grand Fire Trine coming into alignment. Can you feel the embers glowing? Mars in Sagittarius wants infinite possibility, Uranus in Aries cries out for personal nourishment, and Jupiter in Leo seeks creative expression. And when you embrace all three together? That's a recipe for empowerment.

Empowerment doesn't have to be about gaining power over others. Ultimately, it's about honoring your personal power. As my dear friend Paige reminded me today, it's not something you have to go out and get. Let this delicious Libra moon be an opportunity to let empowerment flow through you.

Are you a tarot lover? Ask your deck: “What can I do to come into better relationship with myself?”. Or, put more simply, “What can I do today to show myself a little love?”

Happy Libra new moon, and blessed equinox! XX

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4 Secrets to Rock the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

By now I'm sure you've heard the fuss. Today's full moon is a total lunar eclipse! Astrologers have a bad habit of writing gloom-and-doom horoscopes for eclipse season, but that's not how I work.

Believe it or not, I love eclipses! They're like supercharged moons, and their energy is intense. Eclipses are great for giving your magical work a boost, if you want to get witchy with it. Under this moon you'll see things in your life come fruition... perhaps suddenly. The speed at which you're able to manifest your dreams might surprise you.

Want to make the most of these powerful vibes? Here are 4 secrets to help you rock it:


Libra is the sign of relationships, so our interpersonal connections are the apex of this moon's message.

If a friendship or love has turned toxic, release it graciously and don't look back. Remind yourself that by saying no to one person, you are saying yes to someone new. And as a matter of fact, that someone may turn up within the next month. Eclipses don't just remove things from our lives: they can bring fresh faces too. Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo), this tip goes double for you!

Does all the lovey-dovey relationship talk not resonate? Don't forget that Libra is also the sign of contracts, so you may be entering into or leaving a business partnership! (Scorpio and Capricorn, I'm looking at you.)


This full moon is in close quarters with minor planet Vesta, named for the Roman hearth goddess.

She's pictured above with another fiery god, Apollo. At her temple, virgin priestesses tended the flame of her shrine around the clock to ensure it never faltered. Romans believed the fire represented the very soul of Rome, and to let it go out to would be to extinguish the empire itself. This eclipse reveals the part of yourself that requires your utmost devotion right now. Vesta's fire can also represent the creative spark in a horoscope, so block out some time to journal any new ideas. Be a votary to your inspiration.


The north node represents the path of our highest good, and it's right on top of this eclipse.

When this mystical point is activated our dreams are vivid, encounters feel karmic, and synchronicity abounds. All these things are trying to tell you something about the best course of action regarding connection and intimacy. Give yourself space to listen through meditation, or simply being present in your everyday routine. Words in a passing conversation could be as magic as the Tarot now.


Mars isn't close enough to this moon to make huge waves, but his presence in Libra still matters.

The god of war isn't the most comfortable in this Venus-ruled sign, AND he's now retrograde, meaning he's in stealth mode. Whatever you enact now, it's best to do it with a level of secrecy. Keep it close to the belt. Telling all your friends that you scored a dream client or a date with your dream lover could sabotage the whole ordeal. Think like the leopard: stalk your prey, then go for the throat. With grace, of course.

Finally, don't forget the 3 rules of eclipses: embrace change, release what no longer serves you, and listen to the universe.

Cosmic love! XX


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7 Things to Do When the Moon is in Libra


The new moon in Libra is tomorrow! In honor of the seventh sign of the zodiac, here are seven ideas for how to amplify the moon's good vibes over the weekend:


Embrace beauty.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so this is a perfect time to add some elegance to your daily routine. Grab some flowers at the farmer's market and put them where you'll see them. Wear your favorite article of clothing for no reason. Pay someone a compliment. Beauty is everywhere when you look for it!


Find balance.

Libra's symbol is the scales, and this new moon in Libra is a golden opportunity to consider where you need more balance in your life. Have you been giving too much of your time and energy to things that don't serve you? Or could you be giving more of yourself to things you love? Let this moon be about flow.


Create good karma.

The Libra moon is all about justice, so keep the law of attraction in mind when it comes to your actions and do the right thing just because you can.


Set your inner artist free.

This is a wonderful transit for anything creative. Express yourself through music, art, paint, or even popsicle sticks if it makes you happy. The new moon in Libra will activate the square between radical Uranus and tranformative Pluto, so your artistic exploration could become a cosmic breakthrough!


Have a party.

As if you needed a reason! Libra is a very social sign, and the Libra moon is just right for relaxed gatherings with friends and a few bottles of bubbly.


Seek peace.

Many astrologers refer to Libra as the “diplomat” of the zodiac, so if you need to smooth something over, now's the time to iron that baby out. The Libra moon will make sure you communicate with tact and grace.


Strengthen your bonds.

Libra rules the seventh house of partnerships, so this sign loves to collaborate! The new moon in Libra is the perfect time to start a joint venture (or fortify an existing one).


What are your weekend plans? Head down to the comments section and share how you're celebrating the Libra moon.


Cosmic love! XX

Stars + Cards: Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords

This week's card is the direct and decisive Queen of Swords. Her stellar counterpart is Libra, the seventh zodiac sign of relationships.

As the meeting point between water and air, The Queen of Swords embodies the balance between the emotions and the intellect. Like the Libra scales, she weighs out both factors before making a decision because she knows each is required to keep the other in check. She applies logic with empathy, taking a tough love approach to all situations.

The Queen of Swords is often painted as cold (and often downright bitchy), but her association with Libra puts that to rest. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and warmth . This reminds us that the Queen of Swords is not frigid. In fact, she's a compassionate Queen with excellent people skills. Libra is the zodiac's diplomat, and Libra natives are often praised for their poise and grace. Etiquette-expert Emily Post was a Libra, as is the ever-elegant Kate Winslet. Keeping these beautiful ladies in mind, the Queen of Swords is the opposite of icy! She's the impeccable socialite, quick to charm and strike up a stimulating conversation. Channel the Queen of Swords when you need to make an excellent impression.

When the Queen of Swords comes up in a reading, it could be telling you to use your intuition when it comes to reading people. Like her Major Arcana counterpart, Justice, she's a master judge of character. With Venus in the mix, her impressions on relationships are uncanny. Use this to your advantage when she comes up, and don't get caught up in the wrong crowd.

Libra also rules the arts, and many Libras become poets or musicians. Though we don't often think of the Queen of Swords in relation to art, her connection with Libra reminds me of the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is the goddess of music, sound, intellect, and flowing creativity. Her followers invoke her before taking academic tests or writing songs. Like Saraswati, you can turn to the Queen of Swords if you're seeking inspiration and a clear mind. You never know: she could be your new muse!