Knight of Pentacles

Stars + Cards: Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Ever wondered how Tarot and astrology were linked, but could never make the connection? Stars + Cards is all about helping you connect the dots once and for all.

Every Friday I'm going to pull one Tarot card at random and explain the cosmic correspondences at work!

This week's card is the Knight of Pentacles, which corresponds with Virgo. The Sun will be moving into Virgo in just over a week, so this is perfect timing!

This earthy knight sits and surveys the landscape, meticulously planning his next move. Anyone with a close Virgo friend or colleague knows they can organize, schedule, and otherwise coordinate like no other. In the Morgan Greer deck, he's got his pentacle shield up and is on guard. This shows us that, like most Virgos, he's a pretty cautious guy.

This slow and steady Knight tells us to focus on the details. It's time for mouse vision. What loose ends do you need to tie up in order to spring to action? Draw on the energy of Virgo for any detail-oriented activities. This week, look at where Virgo falls in your chart. The house where you have your Virgo is where you're a super organizer and master planner! Get to work sprucing up that area of your chart while the sun is transiting this hyperfocused sign.

Though this Knight bears the message that hard work is necessary in order to get to where we want to be, don't fall in to the Virgo trap of overwork. A lesser Virgo could be carrying around a serious a martyr complex. The Knight of Pentacles serves his King with steadfast devotion, but don't do so at your own expense.

When Virgo energy or this card shows up, the way to thrive is through routine and ritual. Virgo rules the 6th house of healthy habits, so it's the perfect time to revamp your daily schedule or eating regimen! Always wanted to go gluten-free, but always fell off the wagon a week in? Or are you ready to start blogging regularly, but could never find the time before? Virgo and the Knight of Pentacles tell us that the time is right to put structures in place that you want to stick for the rest of the year. Now's your chance... now hop to it!