Kali Ma

What Kali Can Teach You About the Scorpio Full Moon

Over the last week, I've dreamt of Kali at least three times.

Yes, you heard me right. The blood-drinking, demon-slaying Hindu goddess who is equally feared and revered the world over. I saw her deep blue skin, fiery hair, neck adorned with skulls, dancing in a skirt of human arms. I'd heard her name mentioned in yoga classes a few times and even attended a book club on Sally Kempton's Awakening Shakti. But when the dark goddess confronted me in my own subconscious? I was terrified.

Confession: I thought twice about bringing this up, because cultural appropriation isn't my thing. I like to delve deeply into the stories and mythology behind any spiritual practices before talking about them, because I think that's an important way to show respect for their native cultures. That said, I figured the Collective Unconscious was showing me this message over & over for a reason.

As I started and restarted this post this evening , it suddenly became clear: Kali is the perfect representation of the full moon in Scorpio. At first glance she can be intimidating, even frightening. But on closer investigation you'll see that all of her aspects—the sword, the severed head, the skull necklace—are symbols of her spiritual teachings.

This full moon is the same: the lessons of Scorpio may seem dark and difficult at first, but when we open ourselves up to them, we can embrace their hidden meaning.

Today this is especially true, since Saturn is in very close quarters with the moon. Kali and Saturn actually share an epithet: the Karmic Teacher. Whenever Saturn shows up, things get serious. Karma rears its head, often leaving you feeling exposed. The antidote to all that harsh truth? Go deeper. Saturn wants you to to dive into the foundation of the issues you're working through and rebuild. Scorpio rules transformation, and this energy can help you restructure any part of your life that feels flimsy. Cut the crap and get rid of what's not working

Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces are also making a wide Grand Water Trine to the full moon. This harmonious formation expands our capacity to love and be loved. One story tells of a bloodthirsty Kali whose wild killing spree was only stopped when her lover Shiva laid down on the ground in her path. Much like Shiva, Jupiter and Chiron soften the blow of this moon by increasing our ability to receive both emotional and psychic nourishment. Old wounds finally start to “make sense”, and we can forgive ourselves for long held hurts.

If nothing else, allow this full moon to remind you that like Kali, life is at once terrifying and beautiful, and that there is meaning hidden in every crevasse.

Blessed Full Moon and cosmic love! XX