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Ask Me Anything: Elemental Astrology Edition!

Can you believe it? Elemental Astrology has been around for 2 weeks! You all have blown me away with all the pictures of the course in action. Seriously, it's sheer delight to see the work in practice, which was my dream for this thing from the beginning. To everyone who's taken the time to send me your photos and emails and messages about how much you're loving it: THANK YOU.

A few days before the course launched, I asked my wonderful e-letter subscribers to ask me absolutely anything about Elemental Astrology or my personal astrology practice. (Not on the list? Sign up here!) I've rounded them up, and answered them below. Happy reading!


I feel the need to celebrate the coming eclipse but I don't know why. Could you suggest something (altar, prayer, whatever)?

You're not alone. Lots of people celebrate the moon's monthly cycle (including me!), and eclipses are like supercharged new and full moons. The average moon cycle can be intense, so it's no wonder you're picking up on Lady Luna's amplified vibrations!

New moons correspond to new beginnings and growth, and full moons align with completions and illumination. With the full moon eclipse coming up, think about what part of your life you want to bring out of the shadows and into the light. You may want to light a candle to represent that desire. Or, try going outside under the full moon's light and simply breathing. Ultimately, the way you celebrate eclipses is up to you. The moon rules your instincts, so during eclipses, expect them to be in high alert. Ask yourself, "How does this eclipse feel in my body?" Do you feel it in your heart, your head, or somewhere else completely? Focus on that feeling, and go from there.

If you want to learn more about eclipses, there's a full chapter on the moon in Elemental Astrology. Sneak peek: I talk about keeping a moon journal and developing your own lunar practice!


I have natal Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius in 10th - does this mean self-expression will always be crushed?

Oh dear! First of all, the answer is NO. Every planet, sign, and house has a higher and lower expression. The stars can act as allies, challengers, or sometimes both at once. Some astrologers are very negative in their interpretations of traditionally "challenging" planets like Saturn, but if you ask me, they're only giving you half the picture. Saturn rules the tenth house and is also associated with professional accomplishment, so this is an amazing setup to have in your career house!

Having Saturn on your Sun may make you a conscientious or a bit Type-A, but that's only because you've got the potential to be a seriously high achiever, and deep down, you know it. The best way to work this is to approach everything like a boss. Be devoted to your work. Don't be afraid to go after ambitious goals. You've got the makings of a mogul here, sister.

One of my main goals with Elemental Astrology is to teach you all aspects of the stars so that you can be empowered by them instead of stressed out. It doesn't mean you'll be able to avoid tough alignments all together, but you'll be able to recognize them and prepare well in advance.

I already know astrology pretty well. Will Elemental Astrology teach me anything new?

Absolutely! Elemental Astrology is a guide to my personal astrology practice, so you'll get imagery, exercises, and prompts that you won't see anywhere else.

The purpose of this course is to facilitate true intimacy with the stars. To quote exactly:

If you’re looking for a list of personality traits for your sun sign, you won’t find that here. Try a Google search instead. The same goes for your moon sign, rising sign, and so on. This is not a reference book. It’s a space in which you can discover the meaning of the stars for yourself.

To sum it up? It's intuitive, sacred, and all about practice.


How do you know the difference between big shake up in the world or culture or politics, and one individual's personal breakdown/breakthrough? Is there a place in the natal chart to look for such things, or a specific planet to focus on to gauge it? (For example: during the time of the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, etc., Uranus was Square Pluto...)

This question is from Hilary Parry, my tarot mentor. True to form, she started work on the course the day it came out!

I'll admit, after launch day I completely burned out and hibernated for an entire weekend. After a few days, she replied with this message:

I THINK I may have answered my own question about telling the difference between personal and worldly astrology: is it because of the difference between the Personal Planets and the Outer Planets? For example, my example of Uranus Square Pluto (both outer planets interacting with each other)?

Yes, yes, yes! Gold stars for Hilary, y'all.

So, you see? This course really does teach you how to read the stars for yourself! Mission accomplished.


In honor of the Libra full moon, you can use the code eclipse to get 20% off your purchase of Elemental Astrology. The code expires at midnight on Monday, April 6, so get it while it's hot!

The Stars Are Waiting! Elemental Astrology Preorders are NOW OPEN

It's been a long time coming, and it's finally here.

Today, Elemental Astrology is open for preorders!

If you’ve dreamed of learning how to use astrology for yourself, this course is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Hop over to the sales page to get the dirty details.

You can preorder Elemental Astrology now for $199.00.

When the course goes live, the price will go up, so make sure to grab your copy early!

Finally, thank you for inspiring me to create this. I really did make it for you. I hope it brings you joy, clarity, and a multitude of aha moments.

Cheers to you.


COMING SOON: Elemental Astrology

It all started with this:

Searching for an easy/fun-to-use online resource that breaks down the energy of each Zodiac sign for the layman. @TheMidheaven can you help?


— Paige Zaferiou (@tarotandtea) May 14, 2014


So many of you have told me that you want to learn astrology, but you don't know where to start. You want to know what all the lovely symbols on your birth chart mean, but feel like it's just so... complicated.

I'm creating something just for you.

On February 25, 2015, I'm launching Elemental Astrology, a comprehensive guide to living by the rhythm of the stars.

It's a downloadable e-course, so you can work at your own pace. There are eight delicious modules, each of which comes with a PDF lesson + workbook that you can print out and scribble in as you move through the course. There will also be an audio recording of each lesson so you can listen on the bus or from the comfort of your bed.

We'll delve deep into the most elemental parts of reading a zodiac wheel (planets, signs, houses, aspects, oh my!) and planning by the stars. By the end, you'll be able to read your natal chart like a pro. Eclipses and retrogrades won't have anything on you.

Sound like your cup of tea? Click the button below to be notified when preorders start. Earlybirds will get secret goodies, so hop on the list now if you want in!


I can't wait to take this journey with you.

Here's to living by the stars! XX