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Cancer, urania's Mirror star chart cards (1824)

Cancer, urania's Mirror star chart cards (1824)

The Crab as Cancer

The mythology of Cancer is a complicated one -- like her crustacean counterpart, her story has a familiar outer shell and a hidden inner viscera.

The most widely known origin myth for this constellation is found in Hercules's Twelve Labors. In short, Hercules was the product of one of Zeus's many trysts with a mortal woman, so Hera made it her mission to lay tricks in his path. During his battle with the Hydra, Hera sent Karkinos, a great crab, to distract him. Some say Hercules kicked Karkinos with such great force that he landed among the stars. Others hold that after being handily defeated by Hercules, Hera pitied the crab and gave it a permanent place in the sky.

However, other civilizations varied in their explanations. The ancient Egyptians identified Cancer as the scarab, one of their many sacred symbols of immortality. In Coptic Egypt one of Cancer's epithets was the Power of Darkness, a title also held by jackal-headed god and underworld guide Anubis. Because she doesn't shine as brightly as other constellations, ancient astrologers referred to Cancer as "the dark sign". This also refers to her position at the lowest point in the horoscope. It may also refer to the scarab's practice of laying eggs underground. They gestate within the earth for 28 days, after which they emerge. This connects them to the cycle of the moon and femininity, both associated with Cancer.

In Ancient Babylonian languages, the word for Cancer meant both "crab" and "snapping turtle". Their traditional "boundary stones" feature images of turtles or tortoises, so this may have been a more familiar animal spirit or idea to them. The Babylonian concept of Cancer had connections to the Underworld, which may explain the link to Hercules and the Hydra.
Medieval illustrated manuscripts depict Cancer as a water beetle, while Latin, Germanic, Enlightenment-era European manuscripts illustrate the constellation as a crayfish or lobster. This is significant, as a crayfish, was later featured on The Moon tarot card.

What remains among all examples is the idea of a rigid exoskeleton and a soft center, as well as protective (in the case of the turtle or crayfish) and regenerative (in the case of the beetle) abilities. That's not to say that the connection to the Greek mythos isn't significant. It's interesting that Hera is a major player in the Cancer origin story, as her qualities are sometimes projected onto Cancer  individuals. People with strong Cancer influences in their chart are praised for being selfless givers, but Hera's motive is deeply selfish and manipulative. The key here is the awareness of self that comes from having healthy boundaries, like the Crab. At the heart of Cancer lies the ability to keep others out, as well as the desire to allow others in. May we all use it wisely.

PS- For the "astro-fiends" out there: Sanskrit and Greek share a common ancestor, and the Sanskrit name for Cancer is "Kataka" -- hence Mystic Medusa's clever nickname for those who don't favor being called after a disease.



The Crab as Animal

By Sara Magnuson

Ruled by the Moon and the element of Water, Crab is an unlikely representative of the bright and fiery summer solstice and teaches us about awareness of, and reactivity to, movement, both literal and figurative.

Crabs are similar to insects in many ways and we have seen that correlation exemplified in the mythology and folklore. Biologically, they are similar in that their body is divided in sections, they have several pairs of legs, and are found on every continent and ocean. Even their circulatory systems are similar, but symbolically it is their exoskeleton that brings out the qualities they share. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They are covered in armor and protected from the outside world. While the Crab does not have ears, a nose, or skin in the way we can relate to as mammals, they have extraordinarily keen perceptions. Their hard-shell bodies are covered with delicate receptive hairs that pick up on vibrations, including sound waves (their version of "hearing"). These hairs also allow them to "smell" the pheromones of other creatures. Crabs don't vocalize, but they create their own vibrations by drumming their legs or claws against a hard surface. They will also snap their claws to create sound that is picked up by the hairs on the bodies of other Crabs. The ability to detect the movement of vibrations, in the water, in the ground, and in the air, gives Crab a sensitivity that betrays its hard exterior.

In order to grow Crab must moult its shell, which is a very delicate affair. They have to pull themselves, bit by bit, ever so carefully, out of their shell and then wait while the new one hardens. It is part of the farmer's folklore that Crabs moult during the full moon. This is not without some truth, as many common Crabs have a moutling cyce of about 30 days. It is in this way that Crab follows the movement of the Moon and the pull of the tides, going through regular cycles of extreme vulnerability.

Crabs in general are not seen as wholly social or solitary creatures, although individual species will have their unique behaviors, rather they are social or solitary as it seems to suit their needs. They will migrate to the shore together in enormous groups and will also defend their mates and burrows (places of singular connection or solitude) to the bitter end. In human personality terms, they can be extroverted or introverted as needed. Crab's ability to flow with the movement of a situation is admirable!

Of course, we can't talk about Crab without talking about it's literal movement. Crab's eyes appear to face forward on its body, yet they walk in a sideways manner, not looking in the direction they're going. Crab's are able to walk forward and backward, but the orientation of their legs makes sideways locomotion more efficient. Their almost 360° vision allows them to walk in any direction and still see what's going on. Crab teaches that approaching things "sideways" can be helpful and provide a new point of view. Crab asks us to remember that the path that leads to your desires may not be a straight line.

The energy of Crab may manifest in those born under this sign in many ways - they may be very perceptive to the energy of other people, especially those close to them, and can equally give off a lot of energy themselves. It can also manifest in using the "sideways" aspect of Crab in a manipulative manner; always looking for an alternate way into a situation to suit their own purpose. Ruled by the element of water, Crab can have a tendency to make things into something they are not; remember that Water can create illusions. The darkness of the Moon, the flare of the Sun, the pull of the tides, the movement of cycles and vibrations - Crab is extraordinarily sensitive to these influences.


Call on Crab when...

  • You need to protect your boundaries or allow someone into your sacred space.
  • You want to have a healthy awareness of self.


Be wary of...

  • Being too rigid or overprotective in your interactions with your loved ones and community.
  • Using "sideways" motives to get what you want.


Rituals for Cancer

Shielding Meditation

Sit, stand, or lie down in a place where you know you will not be disturbed for at least three minutes. You can close your eyes, or leave them open, gently gazing at whatever is in front of you. Start by taking a few breaths deep into your belly, in and out, in and out. Slowly, slowly. Acknowledge your intention to shield yourself from any negativity or chaotic feelings around you. Breathe in and out, slowly. Hold in your mind exactly what it is you want to remove from your auric field, your personal space. Breathe in and out, slowly.

Imagine a great shield being placed around you, enveloping you like an egg. Feel the shield. How does it feel to you? What color is the shield? What is it made of? Is it metal? Mirrored? Fire? Some other material? Take a moment to breathe in and out, slowly, feeling and seeing and knowing exactly what the nature of your personal shield is. You are safe. You are protected. Breathe in and out, slowly. Ask yourself, what do the feelings, colors, and materials of my shield tell me about my connection to the world around me? As you breathe in and out, slowly, open your eyes and go about your day, empowered with the knowledge that your shield will go with you wherever you do. If you desire, write down any insights or ideas in a journal before leaving this meditation.


Personal Egg Cleansing Ritual

First, obtain a chicken egg. If you can get a fresh chicken egg, great, but going to the grocery store is fine. We advise you to buy the most free-range, well-fed, happy-life chicken eggs you can.

Place the egg on your altar and light a white candle. Sit with it for a while and focus on cleansing yourself of any negative thoughts or energies to make space for balance between your wants and your needs. Focus on the desire for clarity in distinguishing the difference between what you need to be whole and what you wish to be true; clarity in distinguishing the illusions of the watery darkness from the daylight of reality and the ability to balance their messages.

While the candle is still burning*, pick up the egg. Beginning at the crown of your head, gently roll or brush the egg over your body. You can lightly touch the egg to your skin if you like, or you can brush the egg against your aura, a few inches above your skin, but be mindful of the delicate object you're holding. Remember - hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

If you are holding the egg against your skin, roll it gently over your body. If you are brushing your aura, think of it as sweeping yourself off, using several brush strokes over each area, as you would a broom. Gently and slowly move the egg over your entire body in a downward motion, moving away what you want to be rid of toward the ground. Be sure to go over each shoulder, arm, and hand, your torso and pelvis, each leg and foot.

When you are finished, put the egg in a brown paper bag. Take it outside and throw it as hard as you can to break the egg, thus releasing what you want to be rid of. You can do this at a crossroads or against an old sturdy tree. I have also done this behind a dumpster, where my worries, troubles, and struggles would be "taken out with the trash." The goal is to let go of and release that which is not serving you to make room for balance.

*Please make sure to practice proper fire safety during this ritual. Common sense, y'all!



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TWELVE FACES OF STYLE | STYLE MUSE | Kanye West, Cancer Rising


In this series, we’ve chosen twelve style muses - one for each ascendant - to help you discover how the twelve faces tell their unique style stories. Your ascendant (or, the constellation that was on the horizon at the time you were born) is just as important, if not more, than your sun. Also called your rising sign, it tells us how you present yourself to the world. When you dress like your rising sign, you look comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Even if you don’t have the featured ascendant, if your sun or Venus is in that sign, you’ll also want to take note. Don’t have any of that sign in your chart? This will help you spot those star sign types when you’re out and about. Your friends will think it’s magic!

Image Source     | Peter Kramer via Getty Images

Image Source | Peter Kramer via Getty Images

While Kanye West might be better known for his spectacular shows, lyrical braggadocio, and general megalomania, his style is another thing altogether. Possessed of a demure Cancer ascendant, West appreciates timeless fashion and favors classic colors, looks, and fabrics that feel like home - whether he's playing with Nori and Saint or rocking the stage in Paris.

Here's why we think he's the ultimate example of Cancer swagger, for ladies and men alike.


No one does preppy quite like Cancer. Maybe it's their innate appreciation for heritage and items that stand the test of time, but you can trust them to always have a clean white shirt and pressed blazer on hand. West shocked his contemporaries with this look back when oversize pants and shirts were the norm, unabashedly rocking backpacks and sweaters from the stage to the after parties.

Cancer rules the ocean, so there's a bit of a nautical slant to their style too. Boat shoes and killer sunglasses (above) are a must. For the ladies, pearls and a striped top are de rigeur.

Bonus points for a vest or cardigan circa Kanye in 2007 (see above). 

Image Source   GQ Magazine, August 2014

Image Source GQ Magazine, August 2014


Even though friends of Cancer rising may wonder if they own any clothing outside of their strict palette of white, black, and tan, these natives know that neon colors and gem tones are unnecessary. They glow in ivories, camels, and charcoals, and their wardrobes are a veritable rainbow of neutral hues. Who knew there could be so many shades of grey?

Naturally, Kanye nearly always rocks a neutral color (save for a few My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era looks) and is stunning in the spread from GQ magazine above. 

Image Source   Kanye West A/W 2012 collection

Image Source Kanye West A/W 2012 collection

For a more seductive approach, consider adding blush or textured black fabrics to your ensemble. Soft felt and plush furs appeal to Cancer's warm and nurturing side.


No matter where they're going, Cancer rising believes in function over form. Blame it on their patroness - Lady Luna - but these people crave comfort and nourishment in all things, even their style.

Case in point: West being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel, working a "Sorry, I've been painting my kitchen and didn't have time to change" look. Lived-in is a very Cancerian sentiment - no unnecessary costume or ornament here. Only what feels good.

Image Source   West on Jimmy Kimmel

Image Source West on Jimmy Kimmel

That theme reappears in his inaugural fashion collection for Adidas, already a brand known for their sport- and lounge-wear. Again we see the neutral color palette making an appearance, and the designs have a languid quality that take comfort to an extreme. It may not be the most fashion-forward, but some might say that this "second skin" apparel is the perfect Cancer garment. It's as cozy as cozy gets and allows for the fluid movement that comes so readily to this sign.

Not so into the futuristic look? Knitwear of any shape, size, or texture looks fantastic on Cancer rising. You really can't go wrong.

Image Source   Adidas + West collaboration 2015

Image Source Adidas + West collaboration 2015

(Fun fact: emerald is Cancer's birthstone, so the pops of green here are perfect!)

Image Source   Zanotti + West collaboration

Image Source Zanotti + West collaboration

One final note for our Crab fashionistas - Cancer style doesn't have to to be minimal! We love these Zanotti + West heels, decked out with Cancerian embellishments. The pearls, blush, knit, and neutrals all come together to make the ultimate addition to your Crab rising wardrobe.

4 Reasons to LOVE the New Moon in Cancer

While you were sleeping, the moon renewed herself in Cancer.

There's plenty of reasons to adore new moons: they're packed with cosmic nourishment and always feel so refreshing. But this one is special.

Here are 4 reasons to LOVE today's new moon in Cancer:

1. The Moon loves to be in Cancer.

The moon is ruled by Cancer, so she's comfortable there. When these energies come together, your connection to your inner self is amplified: you can channel your animal instincts and embrace the ability to feel your way in the world. You may feel more emotional than normal today. That's good! Let those feelings flow. The moon and Cancer are also associated with home and history, so don't be surprised if you're struck by a sudden desire to nest! Now would be a great time to add a sacred space to your home, like an altar or meditation nook.

2. This new moon is making a trine to Neptune, the psychic planet.

Be on the lookout for vivid dreams, because they may have information for you. A solution to an emotional conundrum that's been plaguing you since December could pop up from your subconscious, or you may be able to lucid dream. Prophetic dreams are another possibility, so if you don't already have a dream journal, what are you waiting for?! Intuition is also heightened in waking life, so the next three days are an amazing opportunity for divination using stars, cards, bones, runes, or whatever suits you.

3. Throughout the day, the moon is going to get lots of positive action from other planets.

Later this morning, the moon is moving into a harmonious triangle formation (called a Grand Trine) with Chiron (the “wounded healer”) and Saturn (the “karmic teacher”). All the planets are in water signs, so this is about your emotions. It's a chance to work out a difficult relationship situation or otherwise surrender to whatever lesson life has been trying to teach you. Drink up the nourishing water energy of this trine by committing to self-care for the next three days. Recharge your batteries with yoga, one more hour of sleep each night, alone time, or whatever else feels good to you.

4. New moons are new beginnings.

At the moment of the new moon, the universe hits the cosmic reset button on your life. In the two weeks between now and the next full moon, you have a chance to start over and bring something totally new to fruition. Do you want to make more money? Start a new fitness routine? Launch a new creative project? Try writing an abundance check to draw in the object of your desire. Only one caveat: wait to start anything huge until after Mercury goes direct next Tuesday (July 1). Then you'll be clear to start taking concrete steps towards your goal.

Ready to map out your new beginning? Book an astrology or tarot reading and I'll help you strategize! We can talk about career, money, love, and whatever else needs renewing in your life.

Remember that rates go up on July 7! Happy full moon and cosmic love! XX

Dancing in the Dark: Full Moon in Cancer 2014



When we talk about Cancer, there's a tendency to focus on the comfortable, nurturing aspects of whatever's going on. But this full moon is not to be trifled with: it's conjunct Lilith, the Dark Moon. She's a complicated and controversial spirit in mythology and astrology alike. Jewish lore says Lilith was Adam's first wife, who was cast out of Eden for refusing to submit to him sexually. Stories vary, but word is that she wanted to be more adventurous in bed than her male counterpart, and he didn't much care for it.

She appears in art as a beautiful woman adorned by a snake, an age-old symbol for the ancient feminine divine. If the moon is the sacred feminine we see and accept, then Lilith is the dark parts of the goddess we've pushed to the margins. She's just now gaining widespread popularity in the astrological community, if that's any indication. She represents the things we'd like to keep hidden, but are begging to get out. Repressed feelings breaking loose, fierce sexuality, and rage are all calling cards of the Dark Moon Lilith.

This full moon is our opportunity to fully integrate our light and our darkness. As the moon and Lilith draw close to one another, we can reconcile what's outwardly acceptable with our inner struggle. Most importantly, the feminine takes center stage here and brings our feelings out into the open. Avoiding whatever comes up at this full moon isn't an option. The universe is forcing us to face our emotions, no matter how torrential they may be. Intuitives and empaths may find this universal deluge overwhelming, so make sure to breathe and remember to stay grounded! Check out this post from Louise Androlia for tips.

Love goddess Venus (who's still in retrograde until January 31) crashes the party, opposing the full moon and throwing a wrench into matters involving relationships, beauty, and money. Lucky for us, a stabilizing trine from Saturn will help us keep our footing in the midst of these waves of emotion. Saturn is the planet of longevity, any transformation that you catalyze now has the potential to last for years to come. Ready to get over an ex, once and for all? Is it time for you to release outmoded beliefs about your capacity to love and succeed in life? Now is the time!

The good news is that we have another square from Mars this time around, giving us the energetic boost we'll need in order to cope with this full moon's intensity! However, Mars squares can be double-edged swords. Watch the tendency towards irritability and make sure all this energy has a positive channel. Music, painting, yoga, running, planning... any of these would be a fine conduits for this electric surge. Be creative!


This full moon is good for: releasing, letting go, acknowledging our shadow, connecting with the feminine divine.


What do the cards say?

MESSAGE: Two of Vessels/Attraction. The spark between two opposites ignites, and new love is born. This could be between you and another person, or within you. Two is always a message of balance, and this full moon is all about balancing the light and dark aspects of your inner self.

ADVICE: Nine of Arrows/Dedication. With devotion, we can kindle this spark into a burning flame. The Cancer moon is always a good time to tend your inner fire through self-care and fully expressing your emotions.

HIDDEN THINGS: The Green Man/The Emperor. I love this! Since the focus during this full moon is so deeply entrenched in the feminine, don't forget to tend to your masculine side too.


Happy full moon and cosmic love!