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TWELVE FACES OF STYLE | STYLE MUSE | David Bowie, Aquarius Rising

This post first appeared as a part of Twelve Faces of Style, a collaborative project with sacred stylist Jacquelyn Tierney, that examined style through the lens of astrology.

In this series, we’ve chosen twelve style muses - one for each ascendant - to help you discover how the twelve faces tell their unique style stories. Your ascendant (or, the constellation that was on the horizon at the time you were born) is just as important, if not more, than your sun. Also called your rising sign, it tells us how you present yourself to the world. When you dress like your rising sign, you look comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Even if you don’t have the featured ascendant, if your sun or Venus is in that sign, you’ll also want to take note. Don’t have any of that sign in your chart? This will help you spot those star sign types when you’re out and about. Your friends will think it’s magic!

Image Source   Suit designed by Freddie Burretti for the 'Life on Mars?' video, 1972

Image Source Suit designed by Freddie Burretti for the 'Life on Mars?' video, 1972

To say that David Bowie was the ultimate in Aquarius ascendant style would be a massive understatement. His singular aesthetic will go down in history as everything that makes Uranians great: revolutionary, avant-garde chic, a true iconoclast. Every Aquarius rising can learn a little something from his fearless approach to presentation, on stage and off.

Here's how to incorporate a bit of Bowie's Aquarian genius into your own wardrobe:

Image Source  Photograph by Mick Rock, Ziggy Stardust Tour, 1972

Image Source Photograph by Mick Rock, Ziggy Stardust Tour, 1972


No Bowie retrospective would be complete without an homage to his turn as Ziggy Stardust, the original space oddity and eternal poster child for Aquarius people everywhere. From pancake makeup and glitter to capes, tights, and bangles, no accouterments were off limits. 

For those of you that can't rock spandex and sequins on a daily basis, take a page out of Bowie's book and stay weird, no matter what the situation. Aquarius ascendant people look their best when there's an otherworldly or costume component of their attire. Vibe like you might be from outer space for best results.

Image Source  Photograph by Lord Snowdon, 1978

Image Source Photograph by Lord Snowdon, 1978


The rumors are true - Aquarius rising people look gorgeous in denim. Their innate detachment translates into a level of cool that is perfectly embodied in that most studied yet nonchalant of fashion statements: blue jeans. Alternately, they use them as a means to travel incognito and avoid shocking the rest of us mere mortals. Either way, they pull it off. See Bowie looking magnificent in a courtyard below.

Image Source   Photograph by Rex Features, 1977

Image Source Photograph by Rex Features, 1977

Image Source  Photo by PA, 2003

Image Source Photo by PA, 2003

Here's another shot of the Thin White Duke looking as fantastic in casual wear in 2003 as he did nearly thirty years prior in 1977. It captures the anachronistic, ageless quality that so many Aquarius ascendants possess.

If you're unsure what shade to choose, note the silver grey and cool blues that keep popping up in the Aquarius color palette. Think futuristic - titanium, rocketships, and icy comets.


Rebellion is an Aquarius's highest calling. Sublimated into fashion, it equals looks that are original, iconic, and enduring for generations due to their genuine audacity and innovation. Case in point - Bowie's Tokyo Pop bodysuit. 

Image Source  Bowie wearing the Tokyo Pop bodysuit from his Aladdin Sane tour, 1973

Image Source Bowie wearing the Tokyo Pop bodysuit from his Aladdin Sane tour, 1973

The vast majority of Bowie's costumes are so visually startling that even over thirty years later they manage to intrigue. Uranus, Aquarius's ruler, loves to surprise - so he's working that angle perfectly. There's an also androgyny to his wardrobe that Aquarius rising people carry off so well, and a certain symmetry. The rabble-rouser quality of Uranus permeates the details of this look - like the contrasting black and white with pops of bright color.

Image Source   Photograph by PA , 2002

Image Source  Photograph by PA , 2002

Here he is at GQ in 2002, using details as a form of subtle rebellion again. The silver metallic threads in the fabric add just enough interest to remind you that this is, in fact, the man who fell to earth. 

We'll miss you, David. Thank you for everything, Starman!