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The Aquarian fashionista falls into one of three categories: The Risk Taker, The Androgynous Zone or The Girl Next Door.

The Risk Taker lights up in futuristic fabrics, asymmetric lines, unexpected patterns and lots 'o sweet sugary pink. Creative styling is the true north of her wardrobe compass.

Those in the Androgynous Zone prefer a neutral palette, with primary color picks of black and white. Their distant cool acts as a magnet for photographers, fashion bloggers and hipsters, making them the muse of urban street chic.

The Girl Next Door is just what you would expect - on the surface. Low-waisted or mid-rise flared jeans and silky, v-neck camisole tops are polished off by long flowing hair and a pretty, cake-batter flavored, sugary lip glossed smile. But underneath those clothes? She's a sex kitten. MEOW.

In the following Cosmic Capsule, we've picked the must-have pieces every Aquarian should own.






Not sure which Aquarian you want to dress up as today? Satisfy all three of your inner fashion personas with one piece cut in an unusual shape (MATICEVSKI), one piece with fitted flow (TOME), and one piece that pops (Herve Leger). At least one of those pieces should be cut low to show off the assets. ;)



Nothing gets between the Aquarian and her jeans. Flared jeans, high-wasted jeans, culottes, skinnies, classic Calvins and short, short cut-offs can take the Water Bearer from day to night.

For the Aquarian on the move: black jersey harem pants are oh-so airport + street chic.



With rabble-rouser Uranus as their planetary ruler, Aquarians like to mix things up. One of their favorite areas of wardobe experimentation is the shoe. Lace-up knee high boots, strappy sandals, white pumps, and patent oxfords are the must-haves for these fashion daredevils. (Alexander Wang's collections are on-point Aquarian season after season.)



Aquarians don't follow trends - they are the trend - and no trendy outfit is complete without statement earrings (hoops!), a funky fresh manicure, and a thoroughly modern hair style. Colored locks, and especially magenta strands, are the Aquarian's calling card. More rebellious Aquarians can pull off anything with black leather, sleek lines and a black felt hat. 



Don't be fooled - in every Aquarius woman is a "bad girl" whose imagination brings the kink to bedroom activity. Pasties, garter belts and a little Agent Provacateur can be found in every truly Aquarian lingerie drawer, even if she won't admit to it at first.



Tricked-out cell phone case, a sexy string bikini, cigarettes* and lip gloss.



For the Aquarians that savor the flavor of pop-chic, invest in at least one colorful faux fur like the statement coats below by Shrimps. And for those who like to rock an edgier, androgynous style? Look no further than Rick Owens.

*or a lollipop. Something to keep the mouth occupied is preferred. 

Image found on   Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest

11 Things to Do When the Moon is in Aquarius

After a long Capricorn moon this weekend, La Luna slips into Aquarius for a fresh new vibe. Want to maximize that brilliant Uranian energy?

Here are eleven things to do when the moon transits the eleventh zodiac sign:

Plan for the future. Aquarius is well-known for being visionary, and this futurist energy is perfect for long-range planning, dreaming, & brainstorming.

Make the world a better place. Humanitarianism is ruled by Aquarius, so this transit is a marvelous opportunity to help out your fellow man. What causes get you fired up? Take a few moments to reflect on what you can do to help, then take action (even if it's small).

Upgrade your technology. Yes, this sign rules all things electric! Moon in Aquarius is the best time to go shopping for new gadgets. It's also good for trying out new apps or online systems like Evernote (my personal favorite!).

Practice detachment. It's not just for monks. Many Aquarians are successful scientists & researchers, and this moon can be a fantastic time to take a strictly rational approach to your activities. Apply academic rigor where necessary, and be willing to put your emotions aside to see things through to their best outcome.

Find your genius. Aquarius rules the unique spark of brilliance that lives inside all of us. What's your genius? If you're not certain, Moon in Aquarius is excellent for soul-searching & finding out what uniqueness you have to offer the world.

Start a revolution. This sign is ruled by radical Uranus, so  when the moon transits here your desire to revolt is naturally incited. Are there traditions and structures in your life that you're adhering to out of obligation or fear? The Aquarius moon can help you kick them to the curb once and for all.

Get outside your comfort zone. Again, Uranus is the instigator, so trying something outside the norm always pays off during the Aquarian moon. Whatever you're thinking, throw your inhibitions aside and make it happen, no matter how crazy it sounds.

Call a friend. Aquarius rules friendship, so this moon is a lovely chance to connect with your tribe. Have a drink with an old friend or make a new one. You may meet your next soul sister!

Join the club. This sign also rules groups, so linking up with a professional organization or signing up for a class with like-minded people under this moon could prove advantageous. Go ahead, network your heart out.

Give alternative healing methods a try. Unconventional and new-age healing modalities are Aquarian in nature, and Moon in Aquarius is great for exploring these realms. Are you new to the metaphysical party? Start with basic energy work: Louise Androlia has an excellent energy awareness series on her blog. Looking to go a bit further? Reiki & crystals are fascinating ways to work with your body's energy fields.

Let your inner astrologer out to play! That's right: Aquarius rules astrology. The Aquarian moon is the absolute best time to deepen your astrology practice, so happy stargazing!

Cosmic love! XX

Bolts From the Blue: Aquarius New Moon 2014

As I've followed the patterns of the moon I've found the energy of her new phase is normally gentle, with the influence unfolding softly throughout the following week. But today's new moon is different. When the moon in radical Aquarius gets a positive sextile from the sign's ruling planet Uranus, the result is electric. For those people who laid the foundation for their goals at last month's Capricorn new moon, this is the jolt that will animate their dreams into reality. However, anyone who's been flatlining or floating through life can expect a shock to the system. Aquarius and Uranus are both connected to rebellion, so you might find yourself feeling restless. You're not alone: it's time to challenge the status quo. No matter where you are right now, this moon is going to be catalyst for positive change. "Change is the only constant" is a Uranian mantra if I've ever heard one, so embrace the fluidity of life and be open to what is coming your way! Sextiles bring opportunities and even gifts, so keep an eye out and take advantage of whatever crosses your path.

As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius rules our hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Both Aquarius and Uranus are also rulers of technology. In our electric age, many people believe that seeing 11:11 or other repeated numbers on a digital clock is a form of synchronicity, and that the universe is trying to get your attention. This new moon is the perfect time to look for these signs. With the Uranus sextile in play, pay attention to the things that surprise you. Unexpected and unusual events will be par for the course now. Do things suddenly feel surreal? Listen closely and hear what the universe is whispering to you.


This new moon is good for: manifestation, wish magic, fresh starts.


What do the cards say?

MESSAGE: The Blasted Oak (The Tower). How appropriate! This is the traditional "bolt-from-the-blue", causing old structures to crumble and fall. The man on this card, despite being surrounded by fire, looks quite peaceful. Take a lesson from this man and embrace the free fall. Have faith that what's coming your way is going to be good!

ADVICE: Queen of Vessels (Salmon). Even if you feel like you're swimming upstream, be gentle with yourself. Also, be receptive and listen to your intuition: the universe has got something to say if you're willing to listen!



Happy new moon, and cosmic love! Want to learn more about the connection between astrology and magic?

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Stars + Cards: The Star

The Star (XVII)

The Star (XVII)

This card might be the most overt nod to astrology in the whole Tarot. After all, it is The Star! It also displays the symbol of its astrological counterpart: Aquarius, the water bearer.

The Star follows the tumultuous darkness of The Tower, and drawing it can be a message to look ahead to a brighter future. Aquarius is also known for it's forward thinking nature. It's the sign of the visionary, with an affinity for revolutionary thought and radical shifts. It's also worth pointing out that the woman on the card is naked and relaxed. She's the epitome of a free spirit, like many Aquarius natives.

Aquarius also rules the eleventh house of humanitarian work. Just as the woman on the card pours out her water jugs, generously refreshing the world around her, the Star could be calling you to give. How can you be of service? Alternately, when the Star comes up you might be on the receiving end of wise guidance. Someone may enter your life to help you navigate a rough situation, just like the stars have been guiding sailors and travelers for hundreds of years, .

Many people call the star the “Wish Card”. Aquarius and the eleventh house rule our hopes and dreams, so whenever you see The Star, odds are good that you'll be able to manifest your desires. When you draw this card, close your eyes and state your intentions to the universe. Then release your wish and trust that it is going to come true! I've had many beautiful dreams come to fruition after wishing on this card, and I hope you do too. This is a perfect activity to try with the vibrant energy of the lunar eclipse backing you up. Wish bravely, and see what happens!