Start Now, & Start With Beauty: Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2014

When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate beauty?

Perhaps it's been a while. Perhaps you don't even remember. That's okay.

After an astrologically difficult year, no one could blame you.

It's been tough. 2014 opened with what felt like retrograde after retrograde, with Venus challenging you to change the way you approach relationships, and Mars forcing you to adopt a slow and steady pace. Until July, you mulled over your big vision behind the scenes, letting it percolate and stew.

And finally, progress, and not a minute too soon. Plans shot forward at dizzying speeds, and visions sprang to life. That is, until this month.

The lunar eclipse on October 8 tested your foundations with surprise messages and unexpected turns. Any squeaky wheels that failed to pass the cosmic inspection were tossed out to the junkyard.

How are you feeling?

Are you missing any parts?

Today's solar eclipse, which reaches its fullness exactly on top of Venus, is like inhaling a beautiful scent. Can you smell it? It's rosy and fresh, reminding you that there is still beauty in the world, and that beauty matters.

One of my most beloved quotes comes from Anais Nin. She says: “Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.” The eclipse reminds us that beauty is a necessity, and that lovely things can be as nourishing as food and shelter.

Under the new moon's warm rays, open yourself to love, creativity, connection, and intimacy in whatever form feels best to you. Watch a visually stunning movie. Eat exquisite food. Get sensual inside and outside of the bedroom. Allow the siren song of a brand new idea to lure you in.

The eclipse is also in close quarters with asteroid Pallas Athena, keeper of creative intelligence and personal power. Combined with the energy of Venus, this reminds me of the 9 of Pentacles in the Tarot.

A woman who knows her value,

Who embraces her authority.

A fully bloomed woman.

The eclipse takes place in Scorpio, the sign of transformation and rebirth. If this year has been for you a cocoon of sorts (and I suspect it has), this eclipse will be the moment you emerge. You are not who you were in January, you are not who you were yesterday.

You are something totally new. You are beautiful. You are fully bloomed.

Of course, I'd be in remiss if I didn't remind you that new moons are new beginnings, and that any new projects you want to start will get a delicious dose of good vibes from this eclipse.

If you need help planning your new beginning, book an astrology consult and we'll work together to make it beautiful.

Start now, and start with beauty.

Happy solar eclipse, and cosmic love!

Cards in the image are from the Cosmic Tarot. Pictured: The Empress (Venus), Death  (Scorpio), and 9 of Pentacles.