Stars + Cards: The Star

The Star (XVII)

The Star (XVII)

This card might be the most overt nod to astrology in the whole Tarot. After all, it is The Star! It also displays the symbol of its astrological counterpart: Aquarius, the water bearer.

The Star follows the tumultuous darkness of The Tower, and drawing it can be a message to look ahead to a brighter future. Aquarius is also known for it's forward thinking nature. It's the sign of the visionary, with an affinity for revolutionary thought and radical shifts. It's also worth pointing out that the woman on the card is naked and relaxed. She's the epitome of a free spirit, like many Aquarius natives.

Aquarius also rules the eleventh house of humanitarian work. Just as the woman on the card pours out her water jugs, generously refreshing the world around her, the Star could be calling you to give. How can you be of service? Alternately, when the Star comes up you might be on the receiving end of wise guidance. Someone may enter your life to help you navigate a rough situation, just like the stars have been guiding sailors and travelers for hundreds of years, .

Many people call the star the “Wish Card”. Aquarius and the eleventh house rule our hopes and dreams, so whenever you see The Star, odds are good that you'll be able to manifest your desires. When you draw this card, close your eyes and state your intentions to the universe. Then release your wish and trust that it is going to come true! I've had many beautiful dreams come to fruition after wishing on this card, and I hope you do too. This is a perfect activity to try with the vibrant energy of the lunar eclipse backing you up. Wish bravely, and see what happens!