Stars + Cards: King of Swords

King of Swords

King of Swords

This week's card is the cool and collected King of Swords. In astrology, the King of Swords corresponds to Aquarius, the visionary eleventh sign of the zodiac.

Both the card and the sign are highly logical, intellectual, and detached. Much like Star Trek's Mr. Spock, both Aquarians and the King of Swords maintain a fascinated detachment to everything they encounter. The two are also associated with a futuristic mindset and innovation, taking time to think out a rational plan to move forward. They're both masters of the mind.

The sign of Aquarius brings new dimensions to the King of Swords card. Aquarius is associated with humanitarian causes and groups, reminding us that the King uses his logic not for fear of emotion, but to make sure the needs of those who rely on him are met. Friendship also falls in Aquarius's domain, so we can think of the King of Swords as the paragon of the reliable friend.

My favorite connection between the King of Swords and the sign of Aquarius comes from another Tarot card entirely: The Star. The King of Swords and The Star are both associated with Aquarius. The Star pictures the water bearer, the symbol of Aquarius, as she pours the water from her vase back into the river. This connection is a reminder that when times are difficult, if we choose the poised logic of the King of Swords over hysteria, it will be easier for us to see The Star's silver linings in our life.


How would you interpret the King of Swords and The Star together? Share your reading in the comments!