Stars + Cards: Judgment



Today's card is Judgment, Tarot trump number twenty. Judgment corresponds with the Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth.

In the Judgment card, we see a family of corpses arise from their coffin to the sound of a heavenly trumpet. Just as Pluto rules the underworld, and the figures in this card have also traveled to the underworld in death. The dead bodies remind us that both Judgment and Pluto speak of the cycle of rebirth. It's time to ask yourself what you must allow to die in order for the new to be born. It is a limiting belief or outmoded social structure? Whatever it may be, you are invited to bury it and trust that a newer, stronger self will come to be.

Pluto is a change maker and brings transformation wherever he goes. Much like when the Judgment card comes up, it's time for us to transform ourselves by letting go of what no longer serves your life so you can rise anew. When Pluto is in the mix, you'll probably have a strong sense that your current life situation is “fated” or “meant to be”, much like the proverbial Judgment Day.

The key word with both Judgment and Pluto is awakening. On the Judgment card, the dead have been resurrected by a higher calling. When Pluto is a major player in your current situation, it can have the same startling effect as a raucous trumpet blast. Trust me, the universe is trying to get your attention!What higher calling are you experiencing in your life right now? Listen closely. It might just be what revives your soul and wakes you up.

Wishing you weekend filled with awakenings!