How Your Rising Sign Can Help You Dress for Success

If you've found your way here, it's a safe bet that you already know your sun sign.

But how many of your know your rising sign?

When I started to explore astrology's deeper levels, this was one of my favorite discoveries. Your rising sign (also called the ascendant) is the constellation that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. If your sun sign is your soul's mission, then your rising sign is how your show up in the world to accomplish it. This is your natural state and proverbial happy place. When you're working your ascendant, you're in your element.

It's like this: the horoscope is divided up into 12 sections, called houses. Each house corresponds to a part of your external life: love, money, career, etc. The first house is all about identity, and tells you what impression you make on the others. It's typically the one people pick up on the most, and the first guess when people play “name your sign”.

For years, knowing my rising sign has been my secret weapon.

If you already know what image you project to others, then you can work it to your benefit. You tend to look your best when you incorporate aspects of your ascendant into your appearance, consciously or unconsciously. I swear it works wonders.

Want to find your rising sign? Enter your birth details into this handy calculator at

Ready to give a try? Here are a few basic descriptions of each rising sign to get you started:

ARIES: You're always fired-up and ready-to-go, so travel and work-out ready outfits are a must. The sign of the warrior, you're passionate, driven, fiery, and confident. Your pioneering (and at times rebellious) attitude shows though in your personal style, making you a trendsetter among your circles. Bonus points for wearing red.

TAURUS: Ruled by love goddess Venus, your sign is well-known for it's sensual tastes. You're grounded and hardworking, but you're also not afraid to spend some of your hard-earned cash on something luxurious. Odds are good you've got more than a few investment pieces in your closet. Bonus points for pastels and florals (both prints and fragrances).

GEMINI: Your quick-witted sign is probably more focused on your next big idea than your wardrobe, but no matter: the ingenue look works for you. Your magpie tendencies draw you towards electric colors and kitschy accessories, but you pull them off with ease. Bonus points if you wear glasses.

CANCER: Ruled by the moon, you're highly sensitive to the world around you. You use your wardrobe as a means of comfort, reveling in soft fabrics and cozy knits. You want the things you adorn yourself with to feel nourishing. Wearing white, silver, and pearls gives you a beautiful moonlit glow. Bonus points if an infinity scarf is your go to accessory.

LEO: You're the zodiac's performer, and you feel most at home in the spotlight. Much like your personality, your wardrobe is flashy, brave, and at times extravagant: vibrant colors and gold jewelry are your favorites. You can work outfits with grace that would make other signs blush. Bonus points for leopard print.

VIRGO: Your sign is known for it's perfectionist tendencies, and your appearance is no exception. Prim-and-proper is your calling card, and your ensembles are always perfectly matched. Also, your self-care practice is next level. Bonus points for channeling your inner Parisienne every time you leave the house.

LIBRA: You're a paragon of elegance. Also ruled by Venus, your tastes are charming and refined. You steer clear of any radical trends that offend your innate senses of balance and harmony, preferring a classic movie siren look over a Lady Gaga wig any day. Bonus points for fabulous sunglasses.

SCORPIO: You're sultry, mysterious, and give off some serious witchy vibes.  You wear a strict color palette of blood red and black, and probably look like either a rock star or a vampire. But really, it's not so much the clothes you're wearing as your animal magnetism. Seriously, your very aura is magical. Bonus points for leather.

SAGITTARIUS: You're the zodiac's bohemian, favoring flowing dresses. silk scarves, and boots over... well... anything else. You look like you're ready to jet off to some fabulous location at a moment's notice, and your accessories are likely to consist exclusively of pieces you've picked up at and antique shops and on holiday. Bonus points for turquoise jewelry.

CAPRICORN: Your style motto? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Classic slacks-and-button-down ensembles, a little black dress, and an amazing pair of jeans are all you need in your closet to survive. Whatever you choose, you're the empire-builder, and you exude power. You may even have your own sort of “uniform” so you don't have to make the petty decision of what to wear on a daily basis. Bonus points for nautical stripes.

AQUARIUS: You're a revolutionary at heart, and your style expresses your visionary outlook. Sleek, clean, and even futuristic, your style is an extension of your grand plan. Your wardrobe may be the most eclectic of all, housing everything from crisp all-white suits to music-festival regalia. Bonus points for crystal jewelry... or no jewelry at all.

PISCES: As the artist of the zodiac, your style is as dreamy as you are. Others identify you by your far-off expression, as if you're picking up some sort of divine message or inspiration directly from the muse at any given moment. Your look is, in a word, romantic: you seem to exude an otherwordly quality that people can't place. Bonus points for flowers in your hair.

* * *

Of course, rising signs are not “one size fits all”. If these descriptions don't resonate for you, try incorporating other parts of your birth chart into your look. Or, you can mix and match! Usually you'll get the best results by weaving together aspects of your ascendant, sun, moon, and Venus signs.

For example: how does my Sagittarius rising blend with a Scorpio sun and Venus in Virgo?

Wearing black is my religion, but I always add bohemian touches (scarves are my Achilles heel, especially ones I've acquired during travels) and most days I let my hair go wavy. Most importantly, I never leave the house without perfume because it makes me feel polished. I'm still working on incorporating my Gemini moon though! Maybe I should wear my glasses more often...

How will you channel your rising sign? If you want more astrological inspiration, check out my zodiac-inspired mood boards on Pinterest!


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