Intuitive Tuesday: Divining Your Goals For 2015


It's that time again, people! The air is decidedly chilly and dry, spicy scented candles warm up our homes, tree lights twinkle, and every parking lot is packed with ravenous shoppers (much to my chagrin).

It may be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or to climb into a blanket cocoon and not emerge until the new year. However, you'd be missing out on one of the most rewarding activities of the season: goal setting.

I recognize that more work may not be what you had in mind for your winter holiday, but remember that Christmas actually corresponds to the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia. That's right, the feast of Saturn, ruler of hard work and discipline! And it's on the same day that the sun moves into ambitious Capricorn, which is also ruled by Saturn. There couldn't be a better time for planning, setting up new structures, and defining your rituals for the upcoming year.

My winter solstice gift to you is this: I'm sharing the method I use for choosing goals and planning for the year ahead. I've used it for three years and counting and it works, I promise!

Don't worry, you don't have to know exactly what you want your goals to be in advance! As a matter of fact, it may be helpful to go into this process with an open mind.

Ready? Grab your favorite journal and a laptop, and let's hit it!

Step 1: Astrology

You'll need a copy of your birth chart to do this part. I recommend grabbing one from Use Chart Drawing Ascendant option.

Next, go back to the front page. You'll want to scroll down slightly and look at the Current Planets in the right sidebar. For now, we're only considering the large, slow moving planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Write down the exact degree of each planet at that moment, and find where those degrees are in your birth chart. Whatever house each of those planets is transiting is an area where you'll want to focus your mojo in the coming year.

Here are a few key words and phrases for each planet to get your started:

Jupiter- expansion, acceleration, good luck, where you have a chance to grow

Saturn- hard work, ambition, structure, where you can step up your game

Uranus- revolution, big changes, innovation, where you can shake things up

Neptune- dreams, spirituality, magic, where you connect on a soul level

Pluto- karma, transformation, rebirth, where you can rise from the ashes

Once you've taken note of where each planet is transiting in relation to your birth chart, take some time to brainstorm how you can make the most of those vibes. For example, if Jupiter is passing through your 2nd house of value, you may want to focus on growing your income and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Or, if Neptune is transiting your 3rd house of communication, you could keep a dream journal throughout the year or focus on writing as a spiritual practice.

Let your mind run wild with this part. Remember, anything is possible!

Still with me? Great!

Step 2: Tarot

Once you've gotten a solid list of goal ideas (there's no amount too large or small, but I usually end up with around 5), grab your favorite tarot deck. For each goal, ask

"What will be the likely outcome of me pursuing this goal?"

Alternately, you could ask, "What will I learn from pursuing this goal?", or "How will this goal help me grow?"

Pull 3 cards for each goal, and make sure you write down your answers. Sit with them. Let them percolate. Sometimes the answers are clear right away, but other times it takes a while to suss it out.

Once you've completed this step, use your tarot reading to choose which goals you think will be most beneficial for you over the coming year.

Step 3: Gut Check

After consulting the stars and cards, its important to ask yourself, "Does this feel right?". Only you know what's best for you. If something looks good on paper but feels off, chances are good that it is. Choose goals that make you feel lit up and full of excitement, and you'll be on your way to a beautiful year.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite blessings from my beloved Briana Saussy:

May you know the right way to go with wisdom and discernment.

Happy almost new year! XX

Image credit: Death to Stock Photography