How to Create Your Own Sacred Space

A few weeks ago, I set up a home office.

I'd love to say I made the switch out of excitement or alacrity, but that wouldn't be true. In fact, the change came from a place of desperation.

I was in the process of transitioning to a new day-job role with more responsibilities and travel requirements, all while keeping up my current position and The Midheaven. On top of that, I'd agreed to rehearsal with a new band for a show later this month.

To say that I'd spread myself too thin was a wild understatement.

The pressure to perform began to wear on me, and as it did, my normally strict boundaries blurred. Since my college dorm days, I'd kept my computer in my bedroom. I never gave it much thought before, but suddenly I found myself poring over emails at an hour when I'd normally be turning in for the night. Other nights I'd obsess about getting to bed early, only to wake up exhausted, or worse, panicked.

Even though I was euphoric about the career opportunities I'd been given, I felt like I was being crushed by my commitments.

If I was going to avoid burnout, something had to give.

I'd read that keeping electronics in the bedroom wasn't a good practice, but previously dismissed the notion as unreasonable. Didn't everyone keep their iPads at their bedside, refreshing their social media feeds to their heart's content?

In a purely Hail Mary move, I remembered there was a small spare room in the house that hadn't been set up yet. I talked to my beloved about it, and we moved my workstation in the very next day.

The energy shift was palpable. My productivity spiked, and I had my best sales month ever. And the icing on the cake? In my bedroom my sleep was more restful, and my dreams more lucid.

What was the difference? I made each place sacred.

By honoring the intention of each room, I was able to keep my personal boundaries in check. This way, I could devote fully to each of my endeavors instead of trying to focus on all of them at once. I learned that you've got to have boundaries in order to create space. 

Another perk of having a sacred space? It signals to the universe that you mean business. Trust me, it's listening!

If you want to create your own sacred space, don't feel like you have to set apart a whole room of your house. Clearing off a dresser and turning it into a beautiful altar, or picking out a special cushion for writing can do the trick. Or, take your sacred space with you by carrying a favorite incense or tea with you!

Here's to boundaries and spaciousness!