Into the Lion's Mouth: Full Moon in Leo 2014

Hello beautiful people! I know that you have chocolates to eat and lovers to please, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Today at 6:53 PM, the moon will reach her fullness in exuberant Leo. Leo loves to party and is the natural sign of romance, but this moon is receiving a tough T-square from Saturn in Scorpio. With restrictive Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of our deepest and darkest selves, the best way to ease the tension is to bring your taboos into the light. Don't try to repress them. Instead, let the Sun shine on your hidden cravings and be willing to integrate all parts or your being. Like the beautiful woman on the Strength card, know that you're in control of your animal desires. The lemniscate, or infinity sign, over her head is a symbol of alchemy. Whatever you're taming, you've got the power to turn it into gold!

The blessing here is a beautiful sextile from Mars in Libra. With energizer Mars in this Venus-ruled sign, love is the balm that will soothe us now. If nothing else, today tell someone who's special to you that you love them. Now that is truly magical!

Happy Valentines Day! XX