Cosmic Chat with Louise Androlia


This month's guest is Louise Androlia, a life coach and tarot reader who refused to let chronic illness take her down. Now she's sharing her techniques for healing with readers around the world.

And let's not forget: her brilliant Tarotscopes at The Numinous are definitely the best part of the first of the month. 

Read on for elemental look at how Louise works!



Fire: On your site you refer to your readings as Tarot therapy. I love that! How do your Tarot readings serve as a catalyst for positive change in your client's lives?

I believe that it's essential that we participate in and validate our experience, our journey. With that I feel that predictive methods reading are a little outdated - for instance If I used Tarot to tell you your future it suggests that you don't have a hand in creating it. If we sit around and wait for things to happen then where is our personal power?

So I see Tarot as a wonderful form of teaching us about the human experience and giving us guidance for all the types of challenges that we might experience while having it. Hence a form of therapy! I use the cards along with my intuitive and practical guidance to help clients reclaim their unique confidence and move through challenges and find inspiration along the road they walk.


Water: You're a major champion of "feeling your feelings". What are some of your favorite practical ways to feel more in our daily lives?

Indeed I am! To put it simply on order for the human brain to process our experience we have to feel it. If we make a mind-body connection to all of our feelings and thoughts then it is easier to stay present and process moods as they happen.

A simple tool to start trying right now is to start using 'I feel' instead of 'I am' regarding emotions and moods, especially the negative ones. When we use 'I am' it's like a label and takes us a step back from ourselves and forms a disconnect from mind and body and reinforces to use that we can't change something.

If we use 'I feel' we take our personal power and ability to choose back, we connect mind to body and the emotion processes.

It can be tricky to try at first as naturally we don't want to feel our most challenging moods, for instance anger or anxiety, but by bringing them in and realising they are valid then they are able to dissipate. It's amazing how many shifts you can make just by trying this.


Earth: Many people who are attracted to astrology and other divinatory practices are empathic or at least highly sensitive. As an energy worker, what advice do you have for staying grounded during this kind of work?

This kind of work is based around connecting to energy beyond the physical body and so straight away it's very easy to 'lift' out of yourself. Being ungrounded is essentially not being present. So a few easy tools to use which are also great for day to day and especially when dealing with anxiety (when you are anxious you are ungrounded)

A visualisation - visualise roots coming from the soles of your feet into the earth and tying in a knot at the centre of the core. A good one I use all the time.

Physical exercises - Rubbing the palms and soles of your feel, tapping the top of your head or stamping you feet are all good ways to get back down to earth. As is any physical activity like running or sports.

Get outside - Mother earth is a good way to get present. Take in your surroundings. Hands on the ground, walk in the park - hell, hug a tree if you like!

Eat well - Processed foods, sugar and caffeine are all very up in the air. The best grounding foods are wholefoods and vegetables - things you could grow in your garden.


Air: You've been teaching "energy awareness workshops" at the lovely Celestine Eleven in London. Can you give us a bit of insight into what "energy awareness" is all about?

Energetic awareness is essential for everyone!I believe it to be the foundation of the holistic connection. Energy awareness is learning about and nurturing the 'spirit' part of the mind-body-spirit trio. Energy is everything, we are made of it and so is everything else, it is within us and outside of us. Beyond our physical body is our energetic self that houses all our thoughts and feelings. Hence why we manage to collect moods so easily from other people - energy is invisible, contagious and I guess kind of sticky!

Energy is often thrown about as a spiritual word but it's something we really need to think about in our everyday lives doing all our human things - for instance dealing with anxiety, stress, overwhelm and hyper sensitivity - those can all be helped by thinking energetically.

Through an awareness of this space and visualisations to protect, clear and ground our energy we suddenly have the final part of our holistic super powers. I have been using these tools that I teach for over 10 years so I thought it was about time I started spreading them far and wide!


Spirit: Your Tarotscopes for The Numinous are absolutely fabulous. How did you come to combine astrology and Tarot?

When Ruby started the site we thought it would be fun to do something different. At that point I hadn't been studying Astrology but always had a healthy interest and knew the chart well. I just had a feeling it would be awesome to tune into each sign every month and pick a card and bring some guidance. They have been super popular and I love writing them - it just works! I also wrote 2014 Tarotscopes which have been a big hit and you can still purchase on my site.


Want to feel enthusiastic, magical, inspired, and full of potential? Book a Tarot reading with Louise and reclaim your personal power.