Cosmic Chat with Bri Saussy


Cosmic Chat is a conversation with metaphysical practitioners about the role astrology plays in their world. I’m featuring one sacred artist every month. We’ll talk current astro, planning by the stars, astrology as a spiritual practice, and even their own birth charts!

This month's guest is the beautiful Bri Saussy. She's a skilled root worker, astrologer, Tarot reader, writer, and teacher... is there anything this lady can't do? Most recently she's created a Star Magic intensive to explore the intersection of astrology and ritual magic, and having worked with her before I can tell you it is not to be missed! The depth she brings to all her work is what makes it truly special. 

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In her own words:

Bri Saussy is a Woman of Spirit, teacher of magic, and writer of words. She uses logical analysis and deep intuitive gifts to help high-achieving, creative, and curious people live joyfully, find their purpose, and share their gifts.


1. What's your favorite part of your birth chart (if you had to choose)?

Ooh that is hard! My ascendent is Pisces and this is deeply important to me because my work in the world is intuitive and very much about seeing the ideal and carrying it to what is real and also because both my husband and son are Pisces too.

But I also love my Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. I was once told by an astrologer that because of this conjunction I would never experience economic security which has proved to be deeply wrong. But this conjunction has been actually a great blessing to me because it opened up the pathway to my work in many ways once I recognized that one of the many aspects of the conjunction deals with working with those who are in a time of crisis (Saturn) which is literally crossroads in the Ancient Greek and finding abundance in that work (Jupiter) which I do.


2. Is there a part of your chart that you find especially challenging? If so, how do you “make it work” to your advantage?

My mercury is in Scorpio and I was born with cleft pallet--a really bad cleft pallet that required two major surgeries before I was three years old and then seven years of speech therapy. For me Scorpio is, among other things, about recognizing our scars, different scars--some physical and some not--that we all carry and come into this lifetime with. I carry a physical scar in the roof of my mouth that reminds me of this, the first scar I received, from the surgeries I underwent. I have found this to be a great boon to me and my work--undergoing speech therapy at such a young age was really influential because it taught me to work and that real work will yield wonderful results. Secondly, I went on to sing, and debate, and do lots of drama and impromptu speech making in grade school and then high school and college--I have learned so much from these experienced about voice and standing in one's true voice and how voice (and tongue, and word) can be used to hurt but also to heal, deeply, deeply, heal.


3. Mars is transiting Libra, your sun sign, until July 2014. How is this transit showing up in your life so far?

So far the Mars transit has been working really well for me. My days feel very bright and light at the moment, I have a lot of passion and drive for new projects as well as perfecting old projects. It's also making me eat really well and of course take on more healthful physical activity. I come out of a family full of Aries energy so I have been dancing with Mars for a long time!


4. In the intro to your Star Magic course, you said that “astrology has a long relationship with the super-practical”. What practical applications of astrology do you love to use in everyday life?

I really like to pay attention to where the sun is and what part of my chart it is shining it's light on. I pay attention to big planetary transits--like the Mars transiting Libra--that you mentioned earlier, and I also really pay close attention to the moon and lunar phases because I time much of my magic and ritual as well as the magic and ritual I'm honored to do on behalf of others to lunar phases and signs.


5. You've got mystical Pisces rising, and psychic planets Neptune and Pluto contacting your Sun. Your connection to spirit is off the charts! What part does astrology play in your spiritual practice?

Pluto is conjunct my sun and I really find that to be a reflection of the truth that my work in the world and the gifts I bring always, always find their roots in the underworld, realm of death, ancestors, and also prophetic abilities. When I was born I was not expected to survive the week but of course I did, and I joke that that initial brush with death has made me really comfortable with death. I'm not at all what some would call "goth"--I tried for awhile in early high school but I like to smile too much!--but death is something I am very aware of as are our ancestors and the way that our lineages effect our work and our being in the world. All this is to say that one of the core practices I try to honor every single day is the recognition of the never ceasing dance between life and death that is always around us. Pluto and Neptune as well as Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Scorpio also, I think, have made me really sensitive to external information. I'm one of those people that "knew" things and though I have a very rational side, I was not aways able to give a rational account so I had to learn how to hold that kind of knowing that so often causes veiled sideways glances and the way I hold it is in prayer, often prayers I receive and that I write or I speak. Prayer is the cornerstone of my practice. Finally Neptune has reflected so many aspects of my life but one of the most is that I do pay close attention to ancient ways, ancient knowing, and ancient principles, not in a sentimental way, but in a way that, hopefully, encourages me to learn from what those beyond us knew and can carry a little piece of that wisdom forward into the here and now.


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