Bolts From the Blue: Aquarius New Moon 2014

As I've followed the patterns of the moon I've found the energy of her new phase is normally gentle, with the influence unfolding softly throughout the following week. But today's new moon is different. When the moon in radical Aquarius gets a positive sextile from the sign's ruling planet Uranus, the result is electric. For those people who laid the foundation for their goals at last month's Capricorn new moon, this is the jolt that will animate their dreams into reality. However, anyone who's been flatlining or floating through life can expect a shock to the system. Aquarius and Uranus are both connected to rebellion, so you might find yourself feeling restless. You're not alone: it's time to challenge the status quo. No matter where you are right now, this moon is going to be catalyst for positive change. "Change is the only constant" is a Uranian mantra if I've ever heard one, so embrace the fluidity of life and be open to what is coming your way! Sextiles bring opportunities and even gifts, so keep an eye out and take advantage of whatever crosses your path.

As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius rules our hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Both Aquarius and Uranus are also rulers of technology. In our electric age, many people believe that seeing 11:11 or other repeated numbers on a digital clock is a form of synchronicity, and that the universe is trying to get your attention. This new moon is the perfect time to look for these signs. With the Uranus sextile in play, pay attention to the things that surprise you. Unexpected and unusual events will be par for the course now. Do things suddenly feel surreal? Listen closely and hear what the universe is whispering to you.


This new moon is good for: manifestation, wish magic, fresh starts.


What do the cards say?

MESSAGE: The Blasted Oak (The Tower). How appropriate! This is the traditional "bolt-from-the-blue", causing old structures to crumble and fall. The man on this card, despite being surrounded by fire, looks quite peaceful. Take a lesson from this man and embrace the free fall. Have faith that what's coming your way is going to be good!

ADVICE: Queen of Vessels (Salmon). Even if you feel like you're swimming upstream, be gentle with yourself. Also, be receptive and listen to your intuition: the universe has got something to say if you're willing to listen!



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