7 Things to Do When the Moon is in Libra


The new moon in Libra is tomorrow! In honor of the seventh sign of the zodiac, here are seven ideas for how to amplify the moon's good vibes over the weekend:


Embrace beauty.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so this is a perfect time to add some elegance to your daily routine. Grab some flowers at the farmer's market and put them where you'll see them. Wear your favorite article of clothing for no reason. Pay someone a compliment. Beauty is everywhere when you look for it!


Find balance.

Libra's symbol is the scales, and this new moon in Libra is a golden opportunity to consider where you need more balance in your life. Have you been giving too much of your time and energy to things that don't serve you? Or could you be giving more of yourself to things you love? Let this moon be about flow.


Create good karma.

The Libra moon is all about justice, so keep the law of attraction in mind when it comes to your actions and do the right thing just because you can.


Set your inner artist free.

This is a wonderful transit for anything creative. Express yourself through music, art, paint, or even popsicle sticks if it makes you happy. The new moon in Libra will activate the square between radical Uranus and tranformative Pluto, so your artistic exploration could become a cosmic breakthrough!


Have a party.

As if you needed a reason! Libra is a very social sign, and the Libra moon is just right for relaxed gatherings with friends and a few bottles of bubbly.


Seek peace.

Many astrologers refer to Libra as the “diplomat” of the zodiac, so if you need to smooth something over, now's the time to iron that baby out. The Libra moon will make sure you communicate with tact and grace.


Strengthen your bonds.

Libra rules the seventh house of partnerships, so this sign loves to collaborate! The new moon in Libra is the perfect time to start a joint venture (or fortify an existing one).


What are your weekend plans? Head down to the comments section and share how you're celebrating the Libra moon.


Cosmic love! XX