7 Things to Do When the Moon is in Gemini

Confession: I might be a little biased here. My moon is in Gemini, so this is one of my favorite lunar periods. I love the happy-go-lucky vibe and constant motion of the cycle, and I think you will too! Stumped about what to do during this week's Gemini moon? I've got you covered.

Here are my seven favorite things to do when the moon is in Gemini:


Indulge your curiosity.

Alastair Reid must have been referring to a Gemini when he said, “Only the curious have, if they live, a tale worth telling at all”. Mile-a-minute Gemini needs a constant stream of new stimuli, so seek out exotic experiences or fresh sources of inspiration.


Get in touch with your inner computer geek.

Mercury-ruled Gemini is the patron of technology, and Moon in this tech-savvy sign is the perfect time to use or purchase a new gadget. You might also work on your social media profiles, or revamp your blog!


Visit your brother or sister (of blood or choice).

Gemini rules siblings and neighbors, so now's an especially good time to catch up.


Go on a road trip.

In traditional astrology, Gemini rules short trips (while his opposite, Sagittarius, rules overseas travel). Moon in Gemini is the perfect time to pack a bag and take a half-day at work if you can swing it. Go somewhere you've never been, and revel in the newness of it all.


Enjoy some witty banter.

Communication and intellect are Gemini's strong suits, so striking up a conversation about the meaning of life with a stranger might prove more interesting than you'd anticipate.



Lighthearted Gemini has an excellent sense of humor, and indulging a little comic relief is perfect for a Gemini moon.


Read a book.

As if you needed another reason, Gemini rules books. There you have it.


What's your favorite Gemini moon pastime? Got a go-to activity that didn't make the list? Share yours in the comments!