6 Things to Do When the Moon is in Virgo

It's that time again! In honor of Thursday's new moon in Virgo, I've rounded up six things that are sure to prosper when the moon is in the sixth sign of the zodiac.


Start a habit, or break one for good.

Virgo is the sign of healthy habits, so if you've been thinking of kicking one of your vices to the curb, now's the time to go for it. The Virgo moon is also great for implementing new structures. Whether it's a daily meditation practice or an earlier bedtime, this moon will set you up for success.


Love your body.

Virgo also rules our health, so it's the perfect time to start a new workout regime or all-organic diet. Take time to nurture yourself under this moon.


Be of service.

Since Virgo is “the servant”, the Virgo moon calls us to give back to the world (and generously). Even if you feel like you're too broke to make any major humanitarian contribution, volunteering or even giving a stranger a simple smile can make a difference.


Solve a problem.

Virgo loves details, and the Virgo moon can give us the stamina we need to get down to the nitty-gritty of an issue. I've used this trick many times, and it always works!


Organize your life.

All Virgos know that simplicity is a virtue, and under the Virgo moon, you should too. Rid your home of clutter, sort through your junk drawer, and clean like there's no tomorrow. If you're feeling feisty, you can even try a little feng shui.



Virgo is ruled by cerebral Mercury, and the brainy energy of the Virgo moon optimizes our thought processes. Grab your Moleskine and get to work. The ideas that strike might just last you until the next Virgo moon!


What's your favorite moon in Virgo activity? Are you planning to start something big under the new moon? Share your Virgo moon story in the comments.