4 Things to Do When the Moon is in Capricorn

This morning, the moon slid into super-focused Capricorn. Forget the parties... unless they're for networking, of course! This weekend is all about efficiency. Here are four activities to pencil in over the next 36 hours:


Get to work.

Capricorn rules your career, so this transit is the perfect time to bust a business move. Go the extra mile at the office, apply for your dream job, or prep to launch your next big thing. The Capricorn moon will ensure whatever you do has a firm foundation.


Get your money right.

Traditionally, finances are Capricorn territory. The moon in Capricorn is a golden opportunity to take a long, hard look at your bank account. Even spiritual seekers have to pay the bills! Bonus points for crafting a detailed plan for bringing in new sources of income. Is it time for you to take on a side gig that lets you showcase your creativity? Abundance is everywhere when you look for it.


Take the lead.

Capricorn is the natural leader of the zodiac, and the Capricorn moon is excellent for channeling that energy. Feeling shy? Tap in to your inner competitor and see where it takes you. You might surprise yourself!


Embrace structure.

Although many of us would prefer a world with no limits, we all know the material realm requires some kind of support to keep from total collapse. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and boundaries. When the moon transits this sign, it's great for checking our emotional boundaries, or putting structures in place that will make our lives more efficient. Day planners, lists, and schedules are the Capricorn moon's best friend.


How will you increase your productivity this weekend? Share your plans in the comments!


PS- In numerology, 4 is the number of structure and stability. Just think of the four elements, which serve as the foundation for the material world! It also corresponds to Capricorn.