4 Things to Do When the Moon is in Cancer


Hello, friends! This Thursday the moon glides into nurturing Cancer until Sunday afternoon. Get ready for some radical nourishment! For each of the four days, I've got a Cancer-inspired activity:


Spend time with family (of blood or choice).

The ties that bind are Cancer's domain, so this is a perfect time to visit with parents, siblings, or relatives.



This sign rules cooking, so it's no surprise that Cancer Anthony Bourdain has a natural affinity for the kitchen. When the moon is in Cancer, whip up your favorite dish or try something new. Either way, this transit will ensure a delectable outcome!


Build a solid foundation.

Cancer rules the home, which serves as the foundation for daily life. It's especially important to this sign because its symbol, the crab, literally carries its home on its back! Under the Cancer moon, adorn your house like the temple it is. Scrub, decorate, and cleanse the space. Bonus points for inviting a friend to join in the fun. This moon is great for a night in with movies and popcorn.


Connect with your feminine side.

Women are associated with Cancer, so this moon is a golden opportunity to discover femininity and its many aspects. Ladies, do whatever makes you feel most like a woman. A manicure? Massage? Marathon run? All these are fair game. If you want a more intellectual approach, grab a copy of Clarissa Pinkola Estes's classic, Women Who Run With the Wolves. She explores the myth and archetype of the wild woman and inspires her readers to new feminine heights. Craving something a bit more esoteric? Sally Kempton's Awakening Shakti examines the goddesses of yoga and their relationship to everyday womanhood. It's a fascinating read.


Which one of these is your favorite moon in Cancer activity? Share your go-to plan in the comments!


PS- If you find yourself feeling more emotional than normal during the Cancer moon, don't fret. Cancer is the moon's natural home, so whenever these two play together we get a double dose of both their energies! That means you'll be seriously in tune with your instincts, but also a little moody.

PPS- Jupiter is transiting Cancer until mid-2014. Until then, whenever the moon passes through this sign, we'll get an extra special blast of good vibes. Consider this a good luck moon sign until next June!