4 Reasons to LOVE the New Moon in Cancer

While you were sleeping, the moon renewed herself in Cancer.

There's plenty of reasons to adore new moons: they're packed with cosmic nourishment and always feel so refreshing. But this one is special.

Here are 4 reasons to LOVE today's new moon in Cancer:

1. The Moon loves to be in Cancer.

The moon is ruled by Cancer, so she's comfortable there. When these energies come together, your connection to your inner self is amplified: you can channel your animal instincts and embrace the ability to feel your way in the world. You may feel more emotional than normal today. That's good! Let those feelings flow. The moon and Cancer are also associated with home and history, so don't be surprised if you're struck by a sudden desire to nest! Now would be a great time to add a sacred space to your home, like an altar or meditation nook.

2. This new moon is making a trine to Neptune, the psychic planet.

Be on the lookout for vivid dreams, because they may have information for you. A solution to an emotional conundrum that's been plaguing you since December could pop up from your subconscious, or you may be able to lucid dream. Prophetic dreams are another possibility, so if you don't already have a dream journal, what are you waiting for?! Intuition is also heightened in waking life, so the next three days are an amazing opportunity for divination using stars, cards, bones, runes, or whatever suits you.

3. Throughout the day, the moon is going to get lots of positive action from other planets.

Later this morning, the moon is moving into a harmonious triangle formation (called a Grand Trine) with Chiron (the “wounded healer”) and Saturn (the “karmic teacher”). All the planets are in water signs, so this is about your emotions. It's a chance to work out a difficult relationship situation or otherwise surrender to whatever lesson life has been trying to teach you. Drink up the nourishing water energy of this trine by committing to self-care for the next three days. Recharge your batteries with yoga, one more hour of sleep each night, alone time, or whatever else feels good to you.

4. New moons are new beginnings.

At the moment of the new moon, the universe hits the cosmic reset button on your life. In the two weeks between now and the next full moon, you have a chance to start over and bring something totally new to fruition. Do you want to make more money? Start a new fitness routine? Launch a new creative project? Try writing an abundance check to draw in the object of your desire. Only one caveat: wait to start anything huge until after Mercury goes direct next Tuesday (July 1). Then you'll be clear to start taking concrete steps towards your goal.

Ready to map out your new beginning? Book an astrology or tarot reading and I'll help you strategize! We can talk about career, money, love, and whatever else needs renewing in your life.

Remember that rates go up on July 7! Happy full moon and cosmic love! XX