3 Things You Need to Know About the Gemini New Moon

After an intense start to 2014, today's new moon in Gemini finally lightens the mood. Airy Gemini is associated with communication of all types, so it's time to clear the decks and start anew with respect to the way you speak, write, and otherwise connect with those around you. This should be an easy transition, as Gemini's ruler Mercury, is in this sign now. Embrace laughter, levity, and razor-sharp wit for best results. But don't get too excited: as of yesterday Mercury entered his shadow period, which means he's slowing down for a full-fledged retrograde on June 7. With Mercury in Gemini this retrograde should be easier than most, but it's always better to err on the side of caution. That means it's best to hold off on signing any new contracts or making any big tech purchases until after he goes direct.

At this point you're probably wondering what you can do with this new moon. Here are the three things you need to know to amplify this moon's good vibes:

Mars in Libra trine the new moon is a tonic for your relationships.

Relationships that were tense during Mars retrograde earlier this month finally relax, and any lingering passive-aggression dissipates into deliciously clear lines of communication. The diplomatic Libra energy paired with Gemini's willingness to talk gives you a beautiful opportunity to speak your mind in all your relationships. Let your lovers, colleagues, and even muses know where you stand. Libra is highly creative, so you could be inspired to put your thoughts into writing now. Give it a try, the universe is supporting you!

Neptune in Pisces square the new moon activates your psychic nature, but obscures reality.

Illusory Neptune's difficult angle spells trouble for any new starts at this moon. Things may not be as they seem now, and if something looks to good to be true, it probably is. Give any new career offers or contracts time to simmer before you make your final decision, and make sure what you're signing onto is rooted in reality.

The good news is that any time Neptune is in play it gives you a serious psychic boost. Gemini is the messenger sign, so listen to your dreams: they may have information for you! Or, pull out your favorite divination tool and take advantage of this moon's amplified connection the spiritual realm.

Bad girl Lilith and asteroid Pandora give this new moon a rebellious flare.

Lilith and Pandora are both in harmony with this moon, throwing good angles from flashy fire signs (Leo and Aries respectively). Crystal clear Gemini opens up a channel for you to express your dark side. What parts of yourself have you tried to hide, both from the world and yourself? Write it down, share it with your tribe, or better yet, shout it from the rooftops! Remember that it's okay to love yourself unconditionally, and that your shadow side is just as valid as the light.

Happy New Moon and cosmic love! XX

PS- Don't forget to write your abundance check for this moon cycle!