TWELVE FACES OF STYLE | STYLE MUSE | Kanye West, Cancer Rising


In this series, we’ve chosen twelve style muses - one for each ascendant - to help you discover how the twelve faces tell their unique style stories. Your ascendant (or, the constellation that was on the horizon at the time you were born) is just as important, if not more, than your sun. Also called your rising sign, it tells us how you present yourself to the world. When you dress like your rising sign, you look comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Even if you don’t have the featured ascendant, if your sun or Venus is in that sign, you’ll also want to take note. Don’t have any of that sign in your chart? This will help you spot those star sign types when you’re out and about. Your friends will think it’s magic!

Image Source     | Peter Kramer via Getty Images

Image Source | Peter Kramer via Getty Images

While Kanye West might be better known for his spectacular shows, lyrical braggadocio, and general megalomania, his style is another thing altogether. Possessed of a demure Cancer ascendant, West appreciates timeless fashion and favors classic colors, looks, and fabrics that feel like home - whether he's playing with Nori and Saint or rocking the stage in Paris.

Here's why we think he's the ultimate example of Cancer swagger, for ladies and men alike.


No one does preppy quite like Cancer. Maybe it's their innate appreciation for heritage and items that stand the test of time, but you can trust them to always have a clean white shirt and pressed blazer on hand. West shocked his contemporaries with this look back when oversize pants and shirts were the norm, unabashedly rocking backpacks and sweaters from the stage to the after parties.

Cancer rules the ocean, so there's a bit of a nautical slant to their style too. Boat shoes and killer sunglasses (above) are a must. For the ladies, pearls and a striped top are de rigeur.

Bonus points for a vest or cardigan circa Kanye in 2007 (see above). 

Image Source   GQ Magazine, August 2014

Image Source GQ Magazine, August 2014


Even though friends of Cancer rising may wonder if they own any clothing outside of their strict palette of white, black, and tan, these natives know that neon colors and gem tones are unnecessary. They glow in ivories, camels, and charcoals, and their wardrobes are a veritable rainbow of neutral hues. Who knew there could be so many shades of grey?

Naturally, Kanye nearly always rocks a neutral color (save for a few My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era looks) and is stunning in the spread from GQ magazine above. 

Image Source   Kanye West A/W 2012 collection

Image Source Kanye West A/W 2012 collection

For a more seductive approach, consider adding blush or textured black fabrics to your ensemble. Soft felt and plush furs appeal to Cancer's warm and nurturing side.


No matter where they're going, Cancer rising believes in function over form. Blame it on their patroness - Lady Luna - but these people crave comfort and nourishment in all things, even their style.

Case in point: West being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel, working a "Sorry, I've been painting my kitchen and didn't have time to change" look. Lived-in is a very Cancerian sentiment - no unnecessary costume or ornament here. Only what feels good.

Image Source   West on Jimmy Kimmel

Image Source West on Jimmy Kimmel

That theme reappears in his inaugural fashion collection for Adidas, already a brand known for their sport- and lounge-wear. Again we see the neutral color palette making an appearance, and the designs have a languid quality that take comfort to an extreme. It may not be the most fashion-forward, but some might say that this "second skin" apparel is the perfect Cancer garment. It's as cozy as cozy gets and allows for the fluid movement that comes so readily to this sign.

Not so into the futuristic look? Knitwear of any shape, size, or texture looks fantastic on Cancer rising. You really can't go wrong.

Image Source   Adidas + West collaboration 2015

Image Source Adidas + West collaboration 2015

(Fun fact: emerald is Cancer's birthstone, so the pops of green here are perfect!)

Image Source   Zanotti + West collaboration

Image Source Zanotti + West collaboration

One final note for our Crab fashionistas - Cancer style doesn't have to to be minimal! We love these Zanotti + West heels, decked out with Cancerian embellishments. The pearls, blush, knit, and neutrals all come together to make the ultimate addition to your Crab rising wardrobe.