Hello, I’m Amelia! I’m a writer based in Columbia, South Carolina as well as the creator of The Midheaven, an astrology & lifestyle blog for spiritual seekers.

The Midheaven has been lifting the veil between worlds since 2013. Originally created as an online home for personal spiritual inquiry, it's grown into a unique voice in the metaphysical industry and a meeting place for modern day mystics. My work here has been featured by RookieNylon, The CoveteurThe HoodwitchThe Numinous, and Esmé Weijun Wang, among others.

At its heart, The Midheaven is about connection -- to who you are, to those you love, and to all that is.

I'm lucky to not only have met some of my closest friends & soul sisters through this project, but also to have met myself. The sacred arts can help you distill the essence that defines you and align with the mysteries that surround you -- and that, my dear, is magic.

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What I do

As an astrologer & tarot reader, my divinatory methods are grounded in nearly a decade of metaphysical research & practice. In college, I passed countless nights with candlelight & incense smoke, studying the movements of the stars until they became part of my soul. I bought my first deck of tarot cards and marveled at their accuracy.

Since then, I've had the honor & pleasure of learning from some of of the most respected teachers in the field. From 2014 to 2015, I studied with tarot reader Hilary Parry Haggerty as the runner-up in Theresa Reed’s Tarot Apprentice contest. I’m also a graduate & practitioner of Briana Saussy’s Miracle Tree Sessions.

Along the way, I've taught extensively on astrology in multiple appearances as a guest speaker on Theresa Reed & Briana Saussy's Talking Shop podcast, as a guest teacher for Briana Saussy's Star Magic intensive class, and in my signature DIY astrology course, Elemental Astrology. 

Collaboration is also a vital aspect of my metaphysical work. In June 2015, I started The Modern Mystic Podcast with professional witch & fellow Gemini moon, Paige Zaferiou. Twelve Faces of Style, a star-studded guide to fashion and design, was launched that same month in partnership with Jacquelyn Tierney, sacred stylist & Scorpio sister. Most recently, I'm working with Sara Magnuson of Candlesmoke Chapel on the Asteria & Artemis blog series, exploring the animal spirits & mythology behind each astrological sign.



How I work

At The Midheaven, I offer intuitive astrology & tarot readings suitable for seekers of all knowledge levels.

My goal is to bring the ancient sacred arts into the present day without sacrificing their original rigor or integrity. In keeping with this theme, I use the whole sign method of astrology and read tarot with the Rider Waite Smith & Thoth decks. Archetypes that have persisted throughout history & regardless of physical location are of special importance to me (e.g. The Dying God, The Virgin Goddess, The Earth Mother, etc.) in readings.

As far as my personal practices, I am a priestess of the old gods. I honor the land on which I live. I'm an occasional root worker, burning anointed candles and crafting sugar jars when necessary. Most importantly, my practice is grounded in a deep respect for lineage and all those who have gone before me in blood & spirit.



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